Stream WAY-FM on Your Amazon Echo!


Hey, good news! You can play WAY-FM on your Amazon Echo (or any Alexa-enabled device, for that matter!)

It’s as easy as saying, “Alexa, enable WAY-FM!”

You can also enable the skill on the Alexa app or

What if Alexa doesn’t play my local WAY-FM channel?

1. Open the Alexa app.

2. From the menu, tap “Skills,” then tap or search for WAY-FM.

3. Tap the Settings button and make sure you are sharing your device address.


You can manually ask Alexa to play your local station. Try saying, for example, “Alexa, ask WAY-FM to play Denver’s WAY-FM.”

Did you know we have two other great music channels to try?

If you like hearing the freshest sounds in Christian music first, try enabling WAY New. If you’re a Christian Rock fan, WAY LOUD is just for you!

Just say, “Alexa, enable WAY New!” or “Alexa, enable WAY LOUD!” You can also enable the skill on the Alexa app or

Don’t Have An Amazon Echo?

If you purchase your new Amazon Echo from the links below, a small percentage of your purchase will benefit WAY-FM and keep the ministry going strong.