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Your Love Awakens Me

Wondering Why People Are So Excited About Life?

There are people who are all about “living life the fullest.” People who love taking chances, trying new things, and being full of joy. Phil Wickham must be one of those people. When explaining the story behind his new song, “Your Love Awakens Me,” he explains why we can have this sort of joy and lays out the perfect argument for living life to the fullest.   One of Phil’s favorite verses is Ephesians 2:5. “… that even though we… … Continue reading

Big Daddy Weave Concert

What Happened During Big Daddy Weave’s Most Embarrassing Moment Onstage?

“It just dawns on me, we’re never… gonna be cool, dude. We’re never gonna get to have that, like, ‘Chris Tomlin’ kinda moment… We don’t really roll like that. Something’s always going to break or whatever.” That’s Mike Weaver, lead singer of Big Daddy Weave, after recounting an embarrassing show moment to Randy, an awesome WAY-FM listener and prize winner. Randy got to, not only see the band in concert, but he got to interview… … Continue reading

Jonny Diaz

What Happened When Jonny Diaz Stopped Trying So Hard?

“I always give my best effort, but sometimes I push too hard.” Jonny Diaz has always worked hard to make music that matters and gets heard. But what happens when God gives him a song, but he stops trying so hard to make sure it gets on the radio?   Jonny tells the story: “I just kind of put it out there, and then realized I needed to live out the words and just, kind… … Continue reading

Jonny Diaz Breathe

This Song Teaches How to Best Handle the Chaos in Life

“If I’m honest, I was just busy. I remember getting into this writing appointment… my first thought was, ‘I don’t even have time to write a song right now.'” Well, we’re glad he did anyway. That’s what Jonny Diaz said just as he was about to start writing the song, “Breathe.” God ended up teaching him a lot in that moment, in the middle of “busy.”   Jonny sums up what the song is all… … Continue reading

Colton Dixon American Idol

Have You Seen These Amazing Performances on American Idol?

WAY-FM artists were rocking it on the American Idol finale of all finales! Tons of artists, including some of our own who got their start from the show, came back for a reunion performance. Colton Dixon Skip to 1:28 in the pop mashup to see Colton sing a song you’re going to know from WAY-FM. It’s his song, “Through All of It.” It’s very different from the rest of the performers, but he sounds great… … Continue reading

Candace Cameron Bure The View

What Happens When for King & Country Bring Out a Special Guest on The View?

for King & Country debuted their song, “Priceless,” on The View in a way Candace Cameron Bure will never forget! Candace is a strong believer and also co-hosts The View along with Whoopi Goldberg and Raven Simone. She was singing along with for King & Country when they brought out a very special surprise guest – just for Candace! The moment @candacecbure’s daughter @natashabure surprised her on stage with @4KingandCountry! https://t.co/9uEl1kH6V1 — The View (@TheView)… … Continue reading

Workout Smart Watch

Can WAY NEW Make Your Workout Something You Look Forward To?

If you workout to this WAY NEW music playlist, getting “summer ready” will be much more fun! Carlos will keep this playlist updated on Spotify with the freshest sounds in Christian music. Maybe you’ll start looking forward to the gym since you’ll be getting to know these awesome songs. Click here to login to Spotify, click “Follow,” and this playlist will be automatically updated for you each week. Then, let us know what your favorite… … Continue reading

Jordan Feliz Cover

Jordan Feliz’s New Cover Will Make Your Day Surprisingly Better

Jordan Feliz live cover videos have been consistently awesome. This new one is no exception! He covers the song, “Hollow,” originally by Tori Kelly. This song is a cool choice for Jordan. Though it’s very mainstream and could be taken as a love song, it was written as Tori’s love song to the Lord. Jordan is a huge fan of Tori and thought it was super cool to see the song blowing up on the… … Continue reading

Praise and Worship

5 Songs That Will Give You Reason to Praise on Easter!

Easter means celebrating the day that Christ squashed sin, death, and despair and permanently replaced it with redemption, grace, and hope. It’s the reason we sing. Take a moment to let this incredible victory sink in and praise God for it! Here are 5 songs that will help fill you with joy, gratitude, and a beautiful reminder of God’s grace on this amazing day. Because He Lives – Matt Maher This says it all. We… … Continue reading

Love Ran Red Chris Tomlin

This Song Will Remind You What Good Friday is All About

“Where your love ran red and our sin washed white” “You know, you feel like you’ve sung every way to sing about the cross that you can, then a line like that comes along and you just see it all brand new again.” That’s Chris Tomlin talking about the song, “At the Cross (Love Ran Red.) While writing it, and now while singing it, the reason we celebrate Good Friday and Easter weekend became more… … Continue reading