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Lauren Daigle Come Alive (Dry Bones)

Have You Seen Lauren Daigle’s Breathtaking New Video?

Lauren Daigle sings a haunting rendition of  her song, “Come Alive (Dry Bones).” This is her stunning live performance and the story inspiring the song.   We talked with Lauren and Michael Farren, a friend who co-wrote “Come Alive (Dry Bones)” with her. They told us the personal story from the day this song came to life. Michael: You kind of went into telling a story about a friend… and just the struggle and the… … Continue reading

Ryan Stevenson Interview

Who Knew Being a Paramedic Would Make Ryan Stevenson a Great Songwriter?

This may surprise you, but before Ryan Stevenson was signed to a record label, he worked as a paramedic for 9 years! No, it wasn’t a coincidence. He looks back and sees how God used that job in his life to inspire honest lyrics like in his latest song, “Eye of the Storm.”   He says, “Before I got signed, I spent almost 9 years as a paramedic. That job really changed my life, just… … Continue reading

Ben from Citizen Way

One Important Way to Pray Over Your Kids | Ben from Citizen Way

It’s no surprise to hear Ben Calhoun, lead singer of Citizen Way, talk about his growing and deep love for God’s Word. What you might not expect is the way that has impacted his prayers for his children.   He says, “I got interested in the Old Testament just because I thought it was cool! It’s really… true! … This is the actual living, breathing Jesus right here on the pages… and I get to… … Continue reading

Andra Day Rise Up

Andra Day is Bringing Jesus to Mainstream in a Powerful Way

Andra Day and her incredible voice were originally discovered by Stevie Wonder, but we later discovered something even more impressive. Andra has a seriously beautiful faith in Jesus and is sticking to it in the midst of the mainstream music world. You can hear her song “Rise Up” playing on WAY NEW, but you also may have heard her singing at places like The Grammys, the White House, and mainstream pop stations across the country. Carlos,… … Continue reading

Mother's Day Slow Down Song

This Video Will Have Your Mom in Tears – in the Best Way!

“Last year, the night before my son’s 5th grade graduation, I had a meltdown because my children are growing up too quickly. I sat down at my piano and wrote a song about it, through oceans of tears. I guess I’m not alone.” – Nichole Nordeman This video has resonated with so many amazing mothers. This is for you. Happy Mother’s Day. … Continue reading

Unashamed Video

Have You Experienced an Amazing Concert Moment Like This One?

In the middle of a well-known song, Jason, lead singer of Building 429, stops singing. He takes time to say these words: “I say it’s time for the true church to arise. People who understand that it’s not us against the world. It is Jesus for the world through us. See, I wonder if there’s anybody left… who would be willing to say, “Because my Savior was unashamed of me… I will live my life unashamed… … Continue reading

Your Love Awakens Me

Wondering Why People Are So Excited About Life?

There are people who are all about “living life the fullest.” People who love taking chances, trying new things, and being full of joy. Phil Wickham must be one of those people. When explaining the story behind his new song, “Your Love Awakens Me,” he explains why we can have this sort of joy and lays out the perfect argument for living life to the fullest.   One of Phil’s favorite verses is Ephesians 2:5. “… that even though we… … Continue reading

Big Daddy Weave Concert

What Happened During Big Daddy Weave’s Most Embarrassing Moment Onstage?

“It just dawns on me, we’re never… gonna be cool, dude. We’re never gonna get to have that, like, ‘Chris Tomlin’ kinda moment… We don’t really roll like that. Something’s always going to break or whatever.” That’s Mike Weaver, lead singer of Big Daddy Weave, after recounting an embarrassing show moment to Randy, an awesome WAY-FM listener and prize winner. Randy got to, not only see the band in concert, but he got to interview… … Continue reading

Jonny Diaz

What Happened When Jonny Diaz Stopped Trying So Hard?

“I always give my best effort, but sometimes I push too hard.” Jonny Diaz has always worked hard to make music that matters and gets heard. But what happens when God gives him a song, but he stops trying so hard to make sure it gets on the radio?   Jonny tells the story: “I just kind of put it out there, and then realized I needed to live out the words and just, kind… … Continue reading

Jonny Diaz Breathe

This Song Teaches How to Best Handle the Chaos in Life

“If I’m honest, I was just busy. I remember getting into this writing appointment… my first thought was, ‘I don’t even have time to write a song right now.'” Well, we’re glad he did anyway. That’s what Jonny Diaz said just as he was about to start writing the song, “Breathe.” God ended up teaching him a lot in that moment, in the middle of “busy.”   Jonny sums up what the song is all… … Continue reading