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Francesca Battistelli

5 WOW Songs to Remind You How Awesome God Is

You hear the songs on the radio, but have you ever stopped to think about how beautifully they point to our awesome God? Here are 5 of the songs on the new WOW Hits 2016 album that could put your whole day into perspective. 1. Jeremy Camp “He Knows” “Let your burdens come undone. Lift your eyes up to the one who knows”   2. MercyMe “Greater” “Cause I hear a voice and he calls… … Continue reading


Want to Hear Some Amazing Thanksgiving Music, Instead?

We’re pretty sure there’s only one good song in existence that’s about Thanksgiving. So, while we can’t exactly make a “Thanksgiving” WAY-FM playlist, we’re adding this song by Brandon Heath to the mix. If you don’t like hearing Christmas music before Thanksgiving, he’s with you. That’s why he wrote “The Day After Thanksgiving.”   Brandon did an amazing job with this song,but for now, our motto is still: Photo by InaFrenzy … Continue reading

Jordan Feliz Love Story

Want the Scoop on Jordan Feliz’s Unbelievable (and True) Love Story?

You hear Jordan Feliz sing “The River” on WAY-FM, but did you know he has a crazy love story? We sent Rob to take Jordan for a little ride in the WAY-FM car. He got the scoop and helped us get to know the man behind the music a little better.   ROB: Tell me about how you got involved in music… JORDAN: When I was probably in second grade, I started playing piano. As… … Continue reading

Natalie Grant Featured Image

Natalie Grant Lets Us in On the Secrets of Her New Album

We asked Natalie Grant to answer some questions about her brand new album, “Be One.” Check out what she had to say! What was the most enriching part of creating this album? I’ve never created a record in less than a year and we made this one in less than 6 weeks. We didn’t have time to obsess over every detail and it forced me to trust in what God was clearly doing in my… … Continue reading

Hawk Nelson Diamonds

How to Respond When Past Mistakes Haunt Your Marriage – Hawk Nelson

If you have baggage you’re carrying into your marriage, you should hear what Jon Steingard – lead singer of Hawk Nelson – has to say. He’s been there, he gets it, and he’s seen how God can redeem. “We have a level of trust that’s based on working through a lot of that hard stuff (baggage that I brought into the marriage), and I wouldn’t want to lose that.”  – Jon Steingard – lead singer… … Continue reading

Newsboys with Phil Joel

What Ever Happened to That Guy from the Newsboys with the Blonde Curly Hair?

If you’ve been into Christian music for a while, chances are, you’ve seen this guy’s picture over the years. His name is Phil Joel. You probably know his music from the Newsboys and solo project, too. But what’s he up to these days? Phil, along with four other guys, have formed the band, Zealand Worship, and play one of the newer favorites on WAY-FM called “Good Good Father.”   I’m just glad he kept those… … Continue reading

Taylor Swift and for King & Country

Taylor Swift Said Something Amazing About for King & Country

for King & Country covered a Taylor Swift song and the Christian music world went a little crazy. This is one of my favorite covers I’ve heard of Out of the Woods– amazing job @4kingandcountry 👑✨🎤 https://t.co/z8GySLXGCu — Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13) October 29, 2015 No doubt, they did an exceptional job! But I’ll let you be the judge of that by checking out the video for yourself. Here’s “Out of the Woods” by Taylor Swift,… … Continue reading


This is What tobyMac’s Son (truDog) Sounds Like Now!

If you’ve ever thought kids grow up too fast, you’re not alone. tobyMac is probably with you! His son, Tru, also known as truDog, appears in multiple tobyMac albums in songs like “Hype Man (truDog ’07).” Well, no truDog is all grown up and working on his own gig. He’s featured on a brand new single by Hollyn called “Alone” and his rapping is pretty impressive.   You can hear this song on WAY NEW… … Continue reading

Mark Hall Cool Dad 3

Top 6 Reasons Mark Hall is the Coolest Dad on Instagram

Mark Hall from Casting Crowns owns his dad status like no one else. If you listen to The Wally Show, you know we love Mark’s #adventuresofcooldad Instagram videos. Check out these 5 Insta-videos proving he really is the coolest. 1. He’s hip with pop culture. Adventures of CoolDad Episode Three: “Teens Love Music” #adventuresofcooldad A video posted by Mark Hall (@markhallcc) on Jan 30, 2015 at 1:07pm PST 2. He speaks the teen lingo. New… … Continue reading