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Group Therapy How Can It Be

Wally Explains How to Better Understand the Gospel with One Song

The Wally Show loves some Group Therapy. Music makes a big difference in our lives – and Wally reminds us – that’s why we play it! Wally picks a specific song, then you tell the story of how it made a difference in your life. We call it Group Therapy. The song is our common thread, but every story is totally different, but ends with the same beauty. Listen to the stories of these women… … Continue reading

Jason Castro with dreadlocks

What Ever Happened to Jason Castro and His Dreadlocks?

Remember Jason Castro? Think American Idol, famous dreadlocks, and hearing his song, “Only a Mountain” on the radio! We haven’t heard much from him in a few years, but you’ll be glad to know, he’s back in action! And with less hair. Jason teamed up with his brother and sister to form a brand new band called Castro. They just released their first music video to an original song called, “Rock and Roll.” Plus, his… … Continue reading

Matthew West Day One

Why Are Second Chances so Important?

Matthew West tells Wally an amazing story about second chances. In fact, this story of hope started in a prison and ended in the song, “Day One” written by Matthew West. The story is touching and more relatable than Wally even expected.   Inspiring, right? If you liked the story, be sure to check out the lyric video below!   … Continue reading

Jamie Grace Fighter Music Video

Jamie Grace Found the Best Way to Say Thanks to Her Mom

When Jamie Grace’s mom was diagnosed with a rare neurological condition, they knew it would be a long fight. Jamie watched as her mom battled and progressed. People surrounded them with love. Though the fight isn’t over, Jamie continues to site her mom as one of her biggest inspirations. In fact, she was a big part of the inspiration behind the song, “Fighter.” Just in time for Mother’s Day, Jamie Grace directed and released a… … Continue reading

Michael W. Smith

This Lyric Video is Cool, But Something Even Better Is Coming from Michael W. Smith!

Have you heard “Sky Spills Over” by Michael W. Smith yet? It’s fresh and brand new sound for Michael. We think you’re going to like it! Check out his lyric video!   So, the song sounds great, but there’s actually more to this story. Michael shared several intriguing photos from a recent music video shoot for this new song. He says we’re “in for a big surprise.” It’s official…SKY SPILLS OVER video shoot has begun….here… … Continue reading

Mark Hall Broken Together

Watch Mark Hall Challenge the Church to Do Something Crazy

There are things I don’t like about myself. There are flaws that I try to keep unnoticed. But Mark Hall from Casting Crowns is challenging us to let people see what we like the least about ourselves. The idea sounds ok at first, but when the time comes to walk out of the house, we shove our secrets and disappointments as far down into the shadows as we can and hope no one notices. This… … Continue reading


Did You See This Huge Announcement from TobyMac?

Haven’t heard too much from tobyMac recently – until now! He just posted some pretty cool new album artwork to Instagram with a caption saying, “THIS IS NOT A TEST.” Turns out, this is the name of his new album coming August 7th of this year. ***THIS IS NOT A TEST*** TOBYMAC New album – August 7. ***THIS IS NOT A TEST*** A photo posted by TobyMac (@officialtobymac) on Apr 27, 2015 at 12:02pm PDT… … Continue reading

Third Day Soul on Fire

One Thing You Need to Remember Next Time You Hear a Third Day Song

The song “Soul on Fire” by Third Day has become a WAY-FM favorite! Many of you have told us you love the song and the lyrics. We reached out to lead singer, Mac Powell, to see how he and the band feel about the song’s message. @wayfmradio Thx! Really inspires us to want what we sing! Encourages personal revival! — Mac Powell (@macpowell) April 22, 2015 Love that! The song means even more knowing the… … Continue reading

Secrets to Success for King & Country

5 Surprising Secrets to for King & Country’s Big Success

for King & Country may still be considered new to the Christian music scene, but they’ve been met with undeniable success. Brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone have performed multiple times on national television, won two Grammys, and brought down the house at Winter Jam, while continuing to encourage their fans with music and gratitude – and this was just in the past 4 months.   The guys recently gave us a glimpse into their personal… … Continue reading

Tim Hawkins and Mark Hall

What Happens When Tim Hawkins Writes a Hilarious Tribute to Mark Hall’s Kidney?

Lots of prayers went out for Casting Crowns’ lead singer, Mark Hall this past March. He had surgery to remove one of his kidneys due to cancer, but seems to be doing very well! He took a few weeks to recover at home, but as of April 1st, he’s back on tour with Casting Crowns! Mark’s Twitter and Instagram feeds have been full of hilarious posts, but this one may take the cake. Tim Hawkins… … Continue reading