Brant Talks to the Author of “The Shack”

If you’re not sure what to think about The Shack (or if you just want to hear more about how it was made,) check out this podcast. Brant sat down with the author of “The Shack,” William Paul Young! They discuss the backlash, the writing process, and a little theology.

The movie is now playing nationwide. It’s sure to bring up lots of good conversation.

Here’s the trailer, if you haven’t seen it yet!


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I read the book when it first came out and loved it! Sent it to a family member who was very negative and did not even finish it. Didn’t think it was Biblical. What? I knew before hand it was fiction but came away with an overwhelming fullness of spirit and love that only knowing God will produce, and for reminding me my imagination is too confined to what I can see and hear. There are no limitations with the Creator! I thank Mr. Young for taking me on a journey with Mack Phillips, and I look forward to seeing… Read more »
lisa Loewenberg

I went to see the movie LOOKING for it to be wrong. But I found Nothing misleading. LOVED LOVED LOVED it.

I listened to the entire interview and wow is all I can say. Mr. Young is so kind to take pity on us “Evangelicals” and our “Theologies” and try to teach us about his god. He would have us think that believing and following the Holy Bible denies that following Christ is all about a personal relationship with him, when just the opposite is true. It is ALL about a personal relationship with my Lord and Savior. You can never out give, serve or love our heavenly Father and I do not put him in a box, but I also… Read more »

Brant killed me with that song about leaving food in the refrigerator at work. Absolutely hilarious