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  • June 18th, 2018 Oddcast!
    What About Bob, Gratitude Before Bed, God and Affluence, Crash at the Hansen House, Why My Kid Is Crying, Brant Is Angry...

  • June 15th, 2018 Oddcast!
    Breaking Animal News, Anxiety, Brant Hansen Jingle, Skeptics, Wise Counsel, Fleaves, BONUS MATERIAL: Friends and Relationship;     Quotes: “Humility is a...

  • June 14th, 2018 Oddcast!
    IHOB, Mordor Family Feud, God is my Defender, Mixed Motives, Breaking Animal News, Buying a Ghost Town, Mr. Rogers, Introverts & Energy,...

  • June 13th, 2018 Oddcast!
    Being a Dad, Marriage, Alien Planet, News Fatigue, Dealbreaker, Rhubarb, Unoffendable Teen Section;     Quotes: “Don’t expect your spouse to meet...

  • June 12th, 2018 Oddcast!
    Prodigal Son Story and Father’s Day, Hansen’s Helpful Household Hints, IHOB, Anxiety, Sci-Fi Question: $500 Coffee Privilege, Self-Righteousness, Tennis and Striving, The...

  • June 11th, 2018 Oddcast!
    Brant Hansen Jingle, Where’s Lebron Going?, Celebrity Culture, Social Tim, What Makes People Happy, Men’s Health Month, Isolation, Joke Spa, Zipper Merge...

  • June 8th, 2018 Oddcast!
    Father’s Day, The Good Samaritan Selfie, Arby’s, Your House on the Sand, Texting at the Green Light, Your Favorite Dinosaur, Feeling Fragile,...

  • June 7th, 2018 Oddcast!
    Breaking Animal News, How to Change, God of Reunion, Self-Righteousness, T-Rex Traffic Guy, Listener Uniforms, The Kingdom of God, Mordor Family Feud,...

  • June 6th, 2018 Oddcast!
    Your Work as Worship, Sunday Scaries, Father’s Day, Sharing Jesus, Alien Planet, First Date Budget, Forgiveness, Baby Sea Turtles, Welcome to the Show, Top...

  • June 5th, 2018 Oddcast!
    Honorary Doctorate, Food Ordered/Spider Killed, Rules People, Brant’s Island, Sherri’s Encouraging Travel Text, Listener Uniform Update, We’re Not Good, Angry at Christians,...

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Patricia Colangelo
Patricia Colangelo

August 3rd podcast – I was married at 19, one of the best things that happened in my life. At a young age, my husband and I were able to be more flexible and tolerant of each other. I agree Sherri, as we get older, we tend to get set in our ways. 34 years and counting!

Patricia Colangelo
Patricia Colangelo

Brant & Sherri,
No offense about the grandmothers, mind did that too! I just like to ask mine what they like so they don’t have to have the yucky “old lady candy”! Love you guys! You keep me smiling!

Kim Oanh Curtin Cash
Kim Oanh Curtin Cash

I really love these “oddcasts”, Brant and Sherri! I haven’t listened to you folks in a long time due to computer issues, and being way over here in Spring Hill/Brooksville, FL area, I can’t reach you on the radio so I have to listen online. The podcasts are an awesome and convenient way to be able to catch up and be spoiled by your wonderful radio show! Mahalo nui loa, Braddah Brant and Sista Sherri! p.s. I emailed you a letter about 8/07/17, Brant, with a picture attached with 2 of my kids and you from about 7 years ago.… Read more »