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Brant Hansen is a toast-obsessed nerd who, when in high school, was no less than PRESIDENT of the Illinois Student Librarians Association. He was also All-Conference in “Scholastic Bowl”, and lettered in basketball and football (both for keeping statistics) and was President of his own Stamp Collection Club, which consisted of himself.

Brant spends his free time looking inappropriately intense. He can’t help it.

He’s also a husband and dad, and he’s won multiple awards for his radio hosting skills and is typing all of this himself, and putting it in third-person in hopes that it seems more impressive that way, almost like he’s so important that other people type his “about” page. But he’s not.

Brant is a Christian with a distaste for religion. He’s under the impression there was no religion in Eden, and there won’t be any in Heaven, either. Thank God.

Politically, he’s pro-life, pro-science, and is allergic to political elitism, which means he’s waaay out of step with the reigning American monoculture.

Brant’s “I Am Second” video



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Nancy Whitted

I love the Brant Hansen Show on 89.7 Way FM. He is so funny and yet so insightful and his co-host Sherri is so good.

Becky Clifton

Brant, around Memorial Day I remember talk about a Bible for each branch of the military. I was always driving when I was listening . I really want to get one for one very special young man before he ships out for Marine Basic training. Is there any chance you can hook me up with the title and publisher? I love listening to your show and can totally relate to you and a lot of what you have been through. Thanks for sharing. – Becky