Why I’m Thankful for Autism

Brant is thankful for his autism diagnosis? He explains why in this audio clip. The answer may surprise you!

Brant says, “My son is on the autism spectrum and so am I… I’m also a radio host and a writer. It turns out radio is wonderful for me because I don’t have to worry about anyone’s body language… but mostly I’m a radio host because I’m convinced God makes us the way we are for a reason. He even tells us why – it’s so HE can be glorified. It’s funny, because all the years that I went through difficulty trying to understand social life at school… and I could never quite fit in… all those experiences have helped me… You may not realize it, but the very things that make you stick out right now can be wonderful things later. I never thought it would be so, but a look back now on my life and I say, “Thank God.” Thank God for the difficulties I’ve gone through and thank God for autism.”

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This meant so much to me. I’m an Autism dad and when i’m weak, sometimes I worry about my son’s future. This was a beautiful reminder of God’s work. Thank you 🙂

W Casas

Do you know of any mentoring in the Dallas/FtWorth area where a teen can be matched with an adult like yourself who has faced their autism and achieved their own success in their life. We have a teen with Asperger’s who is feeling like a failure and an outsider in life.



Thank you for the reminder. I’m on the spectrum as well and daily struggle with who I am, why God made me this way, etc.


Thanks, Brant!
From a fellow “misfit”.

Veta Sheridan

My son is high functioning asbergers. He gets things you tell him mixed up sometimes. Any advice

Tara Strickland

Hello, just wanted to say “I simply Love Brant and Sherry”. They make my mornings at work much more tolerable. They also crack me up. Wish I could work with them just to be able to laugh at them all day… Thanks for being y’all!

iAM born again
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iAM born again

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Vicky I Krehbiel

Brant, I sent you an email asking you for a link to this radio spot and you didn’t have one at the time. I’m glad that I found it on your WAY-FM page. God’s blessings.

Wanda Bullock
I was driving to work either Monday or Tuesday and you mentioned an article that was written by someone who has autism and how things that you called “normal” people say that makes no sense to them. Like if someone says “I have the best dog in the entire world” and that statement might seem very wrong to someone who thinks differently that others. We are having an in-service for our cafeteria workers and we have asked the Special Education Supervisor for our school district to come and speak to the staff about how they can help a student that… Read more »

I heard this on the radio when you recorded it, and it blew me away. What a blessing for those who have heard it. And you are so right, God makes us the way we are for a reason – to glorify Him. What a lovely, lovely message! Thank you Brant and Sherri for all the work you are doing for the Lord!