Feel Like You Were at Joy’s Wedding With this Gorgeous Photo Gallery

I am back and it feels so good to say that I’m a married woman! My wedding day was completely magical and everything I dreamed of and more. I truly know that I waited for the man God had for me and married the right person which made me ecstatic. You can even see it on my face as we walked back down the isle as husband and wife!

Just like everyone tried to prepare me for, things did go wrong on my wedding day, but none of that mattered because everything was simply so beautiful and I got to marry my best friend. My photographer was wonderful and has a whole blog featuring our wedding day that I wanted to share with you.

One of my favorite photos is when my husband teared up as I walked down the isle! You can also see Carlos’ son Dominic looking precious as my ring bearer! Even the sparkler exit was incredible and has some of my favorite photos at the end!

Click here to see more photos!


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Julie Slaughter

What a beautiful and blessed wedding! The photos are amazing! Congratulations ????!

Rebekah Bertholf

Congratulations! Beautiful wedding!


It looks like you had a wonderful and beautiful day of love. Congrats to you and your new hubby!!


I have to say the picture of were the groom teared up with you coming down the aisle was very touching.
It embraced at that moment his love for you and It was priceless!!

Tammy Castleman

Beautiful Pictures of a beautiful day! Congratulations! May God bless your marriage in ways that you didn’t even know possible!

Stephanie Brunni

You looked beatiful!! So happy for you! I wish I could have had a real wedding, but I am just happy I was blessed with a wonderful husband and three beautiful girls. Maybe one day I can have a wedding like this for an anniversary ❤❤

Issy Carrillo

Beautiful! May God bless your marriage and happiness.

Mary Jo

Congratulations! P.S. Fall isn’t here til Sept. 22 so your friends are wrong! ????. And come Dec 22 you get to start wearing “winter whites”… Love ya!

Shirley Watts

Beautiful couple. May God bless your union for many years.
I was listening when you mentioned that your husband quits breathing at night; the same thing happened with my husband. He had no idea. At the time, I was studying sleep disorders in college for nursing, so I talked him into seeing his doctor and discussing it with him. His doctor suggested a sleep study that revealed sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is serious. Please have your husband check with his doctor.