Meet Joy

Joy BioJoy Summers grew up as a pastor’s daughter in the woods of West Virginia. She’s the only girl in her family with three brothers, but still brings the super girly girl point of view to the conversation. Joy loves all things sparkly and, yes, she still secretly wants to be a princess.

Joy has a fun and bubbly personality, but she’s also one of the most unfortunate people you’ll ever meet (If it’s going to happen to someone, it’s going to happen to Joy!) In fact, she has no pets because she can’t even keep the house plants alive!

In spite of her misfortunes, Joy brings sunshine and a breath of fresh air to everyone she meets. Growing up in the church gave Joy a love and passion for people. She believes faith is a constant journey and never pretends to have it all figured out. Speaking honestly about real life struggles, she loves processing life and learning together!

There’s never a dull moment with Joy! Your afternoon is sure to be better after sharing life with Carlos and Joy on WAY-FM.


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Teri L Shelton

I use my China at every holiday. It was given to me by my husbands grandma. She had it since 1939


Hello! Not sure if you’re looking for a wedding # or if there was a particular place to share ideas…I just heard a snippet and wanted to share my idea. #Meltonmyheart (I think someone mentioned his last name was Melton). Have fun! Congratulations!

Jack R Rhodes

Heard the good news about your dad’s job coming through.Yeah God and your Dad too. Is he a Chaplin at a VA hospital somewhere? My first wedding was done by one at the VA hospital in New Orleans. My dad was a patient at the time and we wanted to make it possible for him to be there. He wasn’t terminal but he was still quite a ways from getting out.

Pamila Greer Washburn

Etta James
At Last

Tim Pabody

I just watched your “Debt Free” scream on the
#DaveRamsey show on #YouTubeLive
(Rebroadcasted Today)
Thanks for sharing! So motivating, Way to go!

chris george

i had cancer and beat it twice god is good never give up


Amen, my sister


Amen, my.sister…

Rev Dr Rand Certain

Have you chosen a new cohost?

Carlos & Morgan

Carlos Is On KSBJ Radio In The Afternoon’s 3p-7p CDT

Brayden D

I was 3 years old when I started to listen to you. now I am 14 years old I love the way you tell about jesus.