What to Do When God Hasn’t Given You the Answers

When disaster strikes in our lives we are often left not knowing what to think.

Darren from We Are Messengers shares what to do when we don’t know what to do. He has experienced plenty of storms in his own life and has realized that God is in control and we can release our need to have all the answers.

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Weathering the storm right now. My problems are nowhere near as severe, in comparison, to what many in our country are facing right now. Nonetheless, they are big mountains in my life, currently. I continue to have faith, pray, and wait for God to make a way. He always has and always will. The waiting on HIS time can be frustrating at times, but He is always ON time!

Althea Grier
Althea Grier

I just love the guys who write, sing and make our lives that much better! The words are penetrating, true and refreshing to what testiment or problem you might be going through. There is HOPE, and it’s in the LORD!