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  • Heartbroken to see another sense of violence today. Praying for those impacted and for an end to the insanity. (about 3 months ago)
  • Playing Song Pop this morning and I have been subjected to the horror that is Bilamos by Enrique Iglesias. There is no reason for that. (about 1 year ago)
  • This is going to be a fun...but most importantly short week. Looking forward to some down time for the 4th. (about 1 year ago)
  • Not a lot of sleep last night and yet waking up to my wife and kiddo...great start to the day. (about 1 year ago)

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German Homeless Man...About To Be Blessed

Homelessness is an issue everywhere.  Some cities it’s a bigger problem than others, but I think if there is one person who is living on the streets without necessities, it’s one too many.

Growing up in Seattle, it was something I was exposed to.  When I first moved to Denver, the reality of the harsh winter climate added a new dimension to the struggle and danger that living on the streets brought with it.

My heart has always been broken for the homeless, and though sometimes the stereotypes of what cases one to arrive in that condition do ring true, my experience is that many who live on the streets are you and me, on the other side of one bad break or poor decision. I often wonder what it would look like to get a second chance.  

I know from meeting those who are homeless, that the invisibility is what often eats at their humanity and causes them to disappear into themselves.

Some musically gifted people in Germany saw a homeless man and observed that his technique for raising money wasn’t working.  They decided to engage…and give him some hope.

I love this.

We can be the change if we give a little time and choose to connect.

Check out the video.


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