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First Day of School for Colton: Lesson for Jeff

Colton & Jeff - First Day

What a difference a year can make.  I reflected a bit today on the changes that have occurred in my life – my family – and the lives of my close friends over the past 365 days.  Much has happened.  Much has changed.

It’s amazing how lost that can get in the monotony and grind of daily life.  I haven’t been real good at stopping – even in my quiet time – to count the blessings.  Instead, I’ve just been moving from survival to rest.

We’ve had a big year with some financial challenges, moving after 4 years in our prior house, and dealing with some changes in job duties for both Tawsha and me.  I’ve enjoyed moments with Colton where I watched him growing up, developing a more distinct and significant (and amazing) personality, and becoming more comfortable with his surroundings.

Here we find ourselves at the first day of school and that growth I’ve seen in his personality was really on display.  Last year, on his first day (and then first week, and truly first month) of Kindergarten there were tears and a scared kiddo clinging to either Tawsha or me as we dropped him off.  School seemed scary for quite some time.

Today…he couldn’t wait to get inside and at the end of the day said he had a great time and likes his school.  I’m so grateful for growth and even though we are now in a new neighborhood and he’s starting the process of making friends again, I love that his personality has grown and that he’s looking at this more as an adventure than a task or even a burden.

I want to live my life that way…where what’s new, unknown, even disliked on the surface, becomes an adventure, challenge, and opportunity.

I guess I want to be like my 6 year-old…when I grow up.

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