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I Don’t Mind Waiting. Do You?

jgfeatureJamie Grace is known for her upbeat music and witty tweets, but she also knows what it’s like to learn patience and wait to see what God has in store.

Four years after the start of her music and ministry career, Jamie revisited an old blog post she had written at the beginning of it all. She wasn’t sure if this music thing was going to work out and had been waiting for quite a while. Get a glimpse inside her head in this excerpt from her blog, Every Bit of Lovely.

pen imgpen img“I was going through all of my old blog posts and found this one from the day I first sat down with tobyMac. My mom and I had driven up from Atlanta to talk about music and those things.

June 19, 2010…

18 year old Jamie Grace’s thoughts.”

have you ever had a dream? not like when you’re sleeping and it seems like a giant monster is chasing you in mcdonalds or taylor lautner asks you to prom (yes… that happened in one my dreams… ha!). but a longing to do something. something you dreamt about doing… have you ever had that kind of dream?

i have. i do… i always will.

see i have about a million dreams – things i want to accomplish in life and some smaller scale things i want to do. there are musicians or actors i would love to work with but i would also like to own a horse and buy a pair of pink cowboy boots – they’re not all super huge dreams. one of my dreams though, a kind of huge one, has been in existence for about 5 years now.

have you ever had a dream to last for what seemed (seems) like forever?

see this dream is big. and i’ve always wanted something to come out of it. i’ve always thought to myself, what would it be like if it were real?  i’ve prayed about it and thought about it and gotten weary when another year passed and my dream was just that.

when it was just a dream.

there’s a song we sing a my church that is one of the simplest songs i have ever sung. it says,

i don’t mind waiting
i don’t mind waiting
i don’t mind waiting
on the Lord

i don’t mind waiting
i don’t mind waiting
i don’t mind waiting
on the Lord

what, is that 7 words? just one word more than that movie with lindsay lohan when she wanted to be a superstar or something…

we sing that song at my church every now and again and when in the moment it’s so comforting to sing those few words. it “feels good” to sing it and there’s nothing wrong with the song (it’s actually pretty awesome), but do i really mind waiting? you can even ask yourself if you’d like… do you mind waiting?

in a world where twitter updates come to us faster than we can read them and email gets to our phones, itouch’s and computer desktops as soon as we hit wi-fi or good cell service – are we even ok with waiting?

i feel like i can answer that question with a “yes,” but i the moment – it ain’t always so easy.

today i had a meeting that had me speechless and if you know me then you know that is absolutely ridonkulous. i can listen when needed but in a fun yet serious meetings with hilarious yet professional people? sheesh that’s my element, but i didn’t speak up much today.

i did listen though… a lot. : )

today i learned that even though i will still be waiting, because that’s just a part of life, i have already waited. today i learned that God has seen my patience and He has seen my dream and is taking me to truly pursue it. in the past five years He has been training me for this, testing me, teaching me… preparing me. and now it’s time.

i am so excited to share with you all all of the things that God is doing. i am still a little in shock that He’s chosen me ha :). but i guess more excited and elated than anything. and maybe a little anxious? because i would absolutely love to just spill the beans right now. but the thing is?

i don’t mind waiting.”

pen img“God will always have us in the waiting. It’s a huge part of what strengthens our Faith. Ironically… some of the quotes from when I was 18? Check out my song “The Waiting” on the new record, written when I was 21 (along with Morgan and Natalie Grant). Crazy how God works.”

Do you mind waiting for God’s timing in your life?

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