What Happened When Jonny Diaz Stopped Trying So Hard?

“I always give my best effort, but sometimes I push too hard.”

Jonny Diaz has always worked hard to make music that matters and gets heard. But what happens when God gives him a song, but he stops trying so hard to make sure it gets on the radio?


Jonny tells the story: “I just kind of put it out there, and then realized I needed to live out the words and just, kind of, step away and breathe. I spent months not even paying attention to how the song was doing on radio and not even really checking social media. And as I just kind of let God do His thing, He surprised me. As I came back to check on the song… I learned that the song was actually really connecting with people. I think it’s God saying, ‘See what happens when you just let go and let me do the work instead of you pushing so hard?”

If you like this song, check out Jonny’s story behind it here. 

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