Danny Gokey Surprises a Deserving Fan

Last week, we heard from a girl named Autumn about how Danny Gokey‘s song “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” helped her during her recovery from a traumatic brain injury. We knew immediately that we had to tell him her story, and he was more than happy to help us with our little surprise.


When you hear her infectious joy, it’s easy to think that her recovery was simple. But her journey has been anything but easy.

Hear the full interview with Autumn and Danny:


Autumn may have been inspired by Danny Gokey’s music, but we’re inspired by Autumn! If you want to learn more about her accident and recovery, here’s her complete story:


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Is there another link to hear the entire interview? A number of years ago, my brother was in a car accident and also sustained a traumatic brain injury. I heard the interview on the radio and raced home to find it on here so I could share it with my brother and mom, but was so sad to see that it was only this short clip that was posted.


Great point, Alyssa. We added the audio of the full video to the post, right below the first video.


I see where the link is supposed to be but don’t actually see a link.


Look for the blue arrow under the short clip.


It’s the soundcloud link right above the two photos

Cinnamon Schwinn
I’m sorry if this post is coming through twice…I just wanted to thank all of you for doing this! I’m Autumn’s mom and she was so excited to be able to talk with Danny and all of you! You have walked through this with us, unaware, with your music, your stories, and your laughter. If anyone wants the entire story there is a website that a friend set up in the early days of the accident…elijahandautumn.wordpress.com. We just want to share our story to hopefully inspire and encourage anyone who may be walking through the dark days of trial. We… Read more »