Surprisingly Easy Ways to Thank a Vet on Veterans Day

We asked our favorite serviceman, the Army’s Lieutenant Colonel Polosky, for practical ways we can show our appreciation to servicemen and women on Veterans Day.

Hear our full interview with LTC Polosky in our podcast:

You may remember LCT Polosky is the one who took Bekah sky diving earlier this year. The video is well worth a watch.

Watch Bekah jump!


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Bonnie Bowles

Walley there is a pay phone at our Sams club near Louisville Ky I had to get to work this morning but I will send you a picture of it when I get over that way.

You make me laugh often and I appreciate your show all of you are just great. My kids and I always love to listen! Thanks for lighting up our morning!

Bonnie Bowles
Louisville Ky