What Kind of Small Group Member are You?

Every small group is full of people doing life together, but we all do life a little bit differently. We fessed up with each of our own “roles” in our small groups and took some of yours as well. What kind of small group member are you? Click on each card to see the definition!

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Debbie Witten

sorry not everyone has twitter or wants to be on it


I am the cautious observer


I’m the silence filler & awkward laugher!


I’m the male version of the cautious observer. I don’t like to interrupt people. I always feel like someone can say something much better than I can.

Terri Perry

Rabbit Trail Killer


I’m a cautious observer on the outside and an angry prophet on the inside. I cry inside when people are getting the wrong information or told we don’t have answers to things the Bible gives us answers to but I let my social anxiety stop me from speaking up.

Virginia Geoffrion

I too am the cautious observer. There are usually times when I would like to join in on a conversation, but I acknowledge the fact that I don’t always have as much information as everyone else does to contribute, and sometimes I also feel very awkward.

Esther Worman

Hilarious! I have been in multiple Bible Studies in my life and I recognize each one of these.

Cody D

It sounds strange, but I’m a combination of Silence Filler and Cautious Observer.

Katie Lord

I’m the straight a student and know it all. Grown up in church and my mom’s taught either women’s bible study or kids Ministry for years.

Vicki Smith

The silence filler I tend to get nervous when silence goes on for to long. Otherwise I’m best at being a cautious observer as I’m still learning

Kathryn M Robinson

I am the rabbit trail killer. I am always telling my friend to go ahead and land the plane.

Karen Bullion

I used this weeks videos from Worlds biggest small group to start a discussion for Sunday school when our teacher suddenly because of illness was unable to teach. It opened up great discussion. I appreciate the effort you put into making this small group touch so many


I usually start out as a cautious observer if I’m new in a group, I like to find my comfort zone, then I may become a silence filler. I’ve been known to take a bunny trail or two lol and a straight A student who seeks the approval of the rest of the group.