Wally Proves the McDonald’s Lady Actually Remembers Him

For the longest time, Wally has insisted that the kind woman at the McDonald’s drive-through window knows him personally. He even claims he gets a “double hello” the minute she realizes it’s him.

We finally decided to put it to the test with Bekah along to film. Needless to say, we may owe him an apology.

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J. M.

Wally….Wally….Wally….when will you finally realise that Bekah, Zack, and Betty Rock only doubt you on these things because no one at the Taco Bell breakfast drive-thru ever remembers them?

P. S. Would you ask Betty Rock if she’d be interested in marrying me? She’s awesome and I’m lonely. You, of all people, should know how that feels, Wally! 😛