Wally’s 3 Silly Prayers in Africa

It seems that with every trip I take to Africa with Blood:Water, a theme emerges. For this trip, that theme has definitely been prayer.

I pray constantly throughout the day. I pray for the people we meet who are hoping God has answered their prayer and that we will help them. I pray for the event when we get home: that God will move everyone’s hearts to bring health and life to these amazing people. I also pray that the physical water brought to them will ultimately be what brings them to living water.

Those are the serious prayers I pray. But I also have 3 “silly” prayers:

 1. That My Bathroom Won’t Look Like This

Silly prayer #1 was not answered, as this was my shower/toilet combo.

The shower drain in the floor was connected to the same pipe shared by the toilet. It clogged and backed up during my shower, causing one of the grossest experiences of my life.

2. That No One Will Realize How Out of Shape I Am

As we walked up and down the mountains to fetch water, it was clear that this prayer was also not answered.

African humor is very similar to ours, so it came as no surprise when it was suggested that I needed to be wearing this lady’s shirt, followed by a hearty laugh and finger pointing from the entire village.

3. That I Would Not Do Something Stupid To Hurt Myself

So far, this prayer is still intact. I tried to climb to the top of this steeple being built, but the minister took one look at my “robust” American frame and one look at the rickety scaffolding and advised that I come down or he would have to speak at my funeral.

The Lord must be looking after me, because I even tested the tensile strength of these young men’s arms by playing an African kid’s game.

To everyone’s surprise, I did not fall off, and neither child was injured.

I know God hears all of our prayers, both the silly and the serious ones. I have come to realize that one of the greatest and most humbling things we can do is be willing to play a small role in the prayer God is answering in someone else’s life.

My last prayer is that you will be a part of that next week during our Blood:Water Y-O-UGanda event.

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May I suggest that since we know God answers our prayers that maybe your first two prayers weren’t unanswered but God said “No”. I think that just because we don’t agree with his answer doesn’t mean that our prayer goes unanswered. It just means he has other plans for us. To say that your prayer goes unanswered carries with it a hopelessness that doesn’t need to be there.