What Is the Purpose of Prayer?


Hey, Wally I have been struggling with prayer recently and was hoping for some insight.

The question is simple but it’s been tripping me up for a while. Since God is all knowing and has a plan and purpose for everything, what’s the point of praying?

Let me elaborate.

Since God already knows what’s going to happen, how do our prayers effect any sort of outcome? For example, my grandfather passed away a few months ago. It was his time, we all were expecting it.

God knew this, so even if our family prayed for him to have more time, I feel like it didn’t matter. He was already going to die on this date at this time acording to God’s timeline.

Our prayer had no effect on what God already set in motion. This goes for everything. Is prayer just an obedience thing? If it is, cool, but that seems to lessen the importance of prayer and further more makes me question the purpose of prayer.

Sorry if this was confusing, just something I’m wrestling with. I am not a new Christian and feel bad about having these troubling thoughts. Any insight would be welcome.


That was not confusing at all and I have felt that same way in the past. Here is where I landed on prayer.

I see it kind of like a parent. There are times that my daughter comes to me for something and I already know the answer, but I love that she came to me and it strengthens our relationship. I think God is the same way.

That said, there have been times that God has altered things or was willing to, as with the case of Abraham praying about Sodom, when we come to Him.

To me, prayer should be less about the outcome I want and more about the relationship it builds for me with God. Jesus taught us to pray for God’s will to be done. God also promises to give us peace when there are times that we do not understand the plan. That is what I have to hold onto a lot 🙂




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Tammy G

For me, prayer isn’t always about the outcome. Sure I send requests up but it is more about thanking Him for what He has already blessed me with. It is an open discussion. I like that Wally relates prayer to his discussion with his daughter. God is our father. We talk to him as we would a parent. Just because we don’t always get the answer we want or think we need, we don’t cut off communication.

Donna Rosenthal

thank you, Tammy G! if WE don’t talk about it, who will? So let’s talk about God and all His Glory!!
first, be unafraid of the words coming out of our mouth, in public, whenever the instant occurs that WE NEED TO PRAY, THANK JESUS, whatever we need, whenever we need it, discreetly of course. we will get weird looks, as first. then all those people disappear. allowing ourselves to FEEL the Presence of GOD…no matter where we are. Amen, Thank you Jesus!

Danny Wolfe

We are creators and using Gods Word does help line is up with Gods will. Now some times we may have to walk away or put down what’s causing the problem. (Addiction or what causes positive ions on the inside.) That causes the problem to grow and makes things worse. Please have a Blessed day ????????


I have been a Christian for a very long time and yet I too still struggle with this very same thing! I need to keep this and read it from time to time because it seems I need a reminder. Also to fight off the temptation to be discouraged about praying!

Thank you for this. It is a question I grapple with recently. I have just returned to my faith, and it is hard to piece all of this together while walking through a very difficult period of my life. I thank him for the good days, ask him for clarity and patience on the bad days, and courage to get through the future days. Some days, it takes everything I have and then a whole lot of faith to keep moving forward and to feel confident that I am doing his will in the midst of it all. It is… Read more »
There are many things about a Christian life I think that we wonder why we do what we do. If God already knows everything then what’s the purpose? Why do anything when He already knows how everything is, ever was, and ever will be? What came to mind when I heard this the other day was that first off it’s in the Bible that we’re commanded to pray. We’re taught and told to bring all things to the Lord. So I’d have to say we’re to pray because we’re instructed to. This was a very thought provoking question that I… Read more »
Clara Tagoe

I used to have the same about prayer. God answered that question and led me to read a book by Dr. Myles Munroe titled The Purpose and Power of Prayer. I can honestly say that my prayer life and my relationship with the Lord has changed dramatically for the better. I trust Dr. Munroe because this book has let me back to the Bible. I hope this will help ????
Google him, watch his teachings on YouTube.

I look at prayer like wally does… Its forming a relationship to and with God. And as we get to know him we start to understand him. And yes there are things that supposed to happen, death is expected at some point. He wants us to talk to him and cast all our emotions, thoughts, and wants on him… So we can realse and connect with him more. To me personally I see God as my Dad. He reaches out to me with peace and love when the world flips me inside out. He puts me back together when I… Read more »