WAY-FM Charleston Tuition Savings Program

Hey! We love that you're interested in this, but just a heads up, it's for The Lowcountry.

The Lowcountry WAY-FM Tuition Savings Program!

Calling all Lowcountry Christian schools!
Are you looking to get new students for the upcoming school year?

WAY-FM has a brand new program designed just for you! It’s WAY-FM’s Tuition Savings!

This program is designed to work with area Christian schools to offer savings on tuition to private schools for new students, while at the same time giving you exposure on WAY-FM for free!

If you work with a local school and would like to learn more please contact Lauren Moe at lmoe@wayfm.com

If you have a student and would be interested in finding out more about the Tuition Savings Progam, please fill out the form below

Fill out my online form.

WAY-FM is partnering with Charleston Bilingual Academy’s (CBA) 1st-2nd grade to be a part of our Tuition Savings Program! One first or second grader will receive a one-year tuition voucher equivalent to $7,100 in tuition (includes both Spanish and English programs).  You will pay a discounted tuition of $5,250.  The WAY-FM Tuition Savings Program does not include any student fees.  If you are interested in receiving more information or apply for the 1 spot, then fill out the form today!

Charleston Bilingual Academy a Spanish-immersion and Mandarin-immersion intercultural, Christ-centered Academy offering classes from 20 months old to 2nd grade. Our classes incorporate our power immersion strategies, where instruction and strategic play in Mandarin or Spanish speaking environments are led by highly qualified, native speaking teachers. Preschool activities alternate between free and structured play time that include games, sports, art, music, literacy, math and Bible lessons. Students are introduced to fabulous glimpses of Chinese or Latin-based culture in playing games, listening to fables, singing and making crafts. This time is completely set in Spanish or Mandarin speaking environments.

In the K-2nd grade four and a half hour block, students study Spanish Language Arts and Math according to fun Social Studies and Science themes completely immersed in Spanish. 1st and 2nd grade have an optional afternoon English Language Arts program. CBA has crafted the curriculum through adapting Common Core standards and ACTFL language proficiency standards along with Linguafolio Jr. styled assessment techniques. To assess that CBA is achieving their goals and mission, elementary students are assessed semiannually through Measures of Academic Progress (mapped to Common Core) and our proprietary language proficiency assessments, accompanying constant formative assessments in the classroom. Parents receive a standards-based evaluation twice a year and are always welcome to conference with their child’s teacher to better understand their child’s progress.

This format is distinct from schools that offer just a foreign language class, because research is clear that children effectively learn a second language in an immersion environment (especially from 0 to 7 years of age). The power immersion strategies, coupled with a Christ-centered, intercultural, loving environment put your child on the path to becoming a World Changer. This is Charleston Bilingual Academy’s mission: to inspire World Changers. We look forward to you joining with us in growing and inspiring your little World Changer.

All discounted tuitions to Faith Christian School have been redeemed
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