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  • Heartbroken to see another sense of violence today. Praying for those impacted and for an end to the insanity. (about 3 months ago)
  • Playing Song Pop this morning and I have been subjected to the horror that is Bilamos by Enrique Iglesias. There is no reason for that. (about 1 year ago)
  • This is going to be a fun...but most importantly short week. Looking forward to some down time for the 4th. (about 1 year ago)
  • Not a lot of sleep last night and yet waking up to my wife and kiddo...great start to the day. (about 1 year ago)

About me
Hi, I’m Jeff Connell…welcome to my page. I’m really glad you listen to WAY-FM and that you took a moment to stop by here. I’ve worked in radio since I was 14…you might expect I’d be a little better by now but it is what it is. I’ve been married to Tawsha...

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Moe's Southwest Grill

There is no doubt that the fast food world is a very competitive one, but I saw this floating around Facebook and thought it showed true class.   Moe's Southwest Grill moved their social and web presence from their normal logo to a Chick-Fil-A inspired version.  Both companies are headquartered in Atlanta, and Moe's has said that the customer-first mindset at Chick-Fil-A was something that they have attempted to build into their company too. Nice…


Southeastern University in Florida – Transforming Minds – Engaging Culture. Take the VIRTUAL TOUR 


A friend of mine posted something hysterical (but true) on Facebook last night.  Once I stopped laughing, I realized how dead-on it was. He said, "If you actually have to occasionally say 'to be honest' when we're talking...we don't need to continue talking that much.  I operate under the assumption that you're telling me the truth when we speak." I'm also one of those who laughs when people say "to be honest with you."  As…

Colton & Jeff - First Day

What a difference a year can make.  I reflected a bit today on the changes that have occurred in my life - my family - and the lives of my close friends over the past 365 days.  Much has happened.  Much has changed. It's amazing how lost that can get in the monotony and grind of daily life.  I haven't been real good at stopping - even in my quiet time - to count the blessings.…

Second Child

I'm the oldest of two in my family.  We have one child in our own.  I haven't ever really dealt with being or parenting the "second child," yet all of my friends who have report that the second (and subsequent) kid(s) get far less attention, fewer pictures taken, and all around a much different experience. A woman named Jenifer decided it was time to pen an open apology to her second child...it's amazing. You can…

Jeff Ice Bucket Challenge

It was time for me to complete the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  I'm a huge fan of this and the awareness these silly little videos have brought to a very serious cause is remarkable. To learn more about ALS, please check out www.alsa.org.


What if you could make $18,000...for laying in bed...for 70 days.  NASA is actually conducting a study with that exact requirement.  Perhaps your next job? You can read more about NASA paying $170 per day to lie in a bed or you can just go ahead and apply for the job.