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Lauren Zaser / BuzzFeed

There is nothing better than the great Thanksgiving Day meal.  It's a wonderful celebration of hospitality, friends and family, and some really good food. Many years, I've hosted and been the cook.  It's definitely a finely coordinated dance to get all aspects of the meal on the table, at the same time, at there right temperature.  I've wondered if there might be be a better way and I'm guessing you might have as well. Thank…


Southeastern University in Florida – Transforming Minds – Engaging Culture. Take the VIRTUAL TOUR 

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We've all heard someone say "everything happens for a reason," often a somewhat trite but well-meaning response to bad news or a challenge in our lives that they don't quite now how to specifically address. I heard two ladies at a coffee shop debating this concept yesterday, and it made me wonder where you sit on this. Within our lives as believers, I think there is room to move inside free will and foreknowledge, so…


We've all seen it happen...a guy (almost always I'm convinced) has a new sports car and parks it across multiple spots...just underscoring his need for attention and reminding you he has a nice car. I drive a 2007 Nissan with 100,000+ miles on it and I still try to treat it well and park it away from other cars, but I don't think it's reasonable AT ALL to park that way. If you want to…

No Kids Sign

Let's pretend you have a date night...you head downtown or a nice spot in the neighborhood...you're looking forward to trying a new place that all your friends have raved about. When you get to the door, you see this sign.  It's clear that this establishment is not "kid-friendly," and as you read further you see that children are not welcome here. Is there anything wrong with that?  Would you support an establishment like this?  The…

Moe's Southwest Grill

There is no doubt that the fast food world is a very competitive one, but I saw this floating around Facebook and thought it showed true class.   Moe's Southwest Grill moved their social and web presence from their normal logo to a Chick-Fil-A inspired version.  Both companies are headquartered in Atlanta, and Moe's has said that the customer-first mindset at Chick-Fil-A was something that they have attempted to build into their company too. Nice…