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Sometimes Teachers need recognition, help out one that you appreciate

Share how your teacher has gone above and beyond the call of duty. This is a great way to honor your teacher for all their hard work. Once a month we will be selecting a winning teacher and present them with the Crystal Apple Award. Nominate your outstanding teacher for the Crystal Apple Award!  Click HERE, it's easy and fast!

Raising Selfless Kids In a Self-Centered World

"[Parenting today] is harder,... the oversexualization of our culture is just insane. And the self-centeredness, the entitlement nature that we have. I did a piece for The Wall Street Journal not long ago about Kim Kardashian. She's got a new book coming out, it's called Selfish. And it's all photos of herself. And I think what a terrible legacy to leave behind." Read more HERE  

Marry ME? Cross that off the list!

This guy..my goodness went ALL out! Family, friends, dancers, smoke and a yes....WOW. Well I mean how was she going to say no after that! So the question is...does it add up to how your man proposed to you? And fellas do these extravagant proposals put the way you asked your significant other to marry you to shame? Either way soo cool to see that people still LOVE...LOVE!! All the best to this couple and…

A Letter From Dad

What a real-life father wrote to his unborn son upon learning that the child would not survive. Make every moment count. http://youtu.be/Bg6Mmoer3rk


WAY-FM MOVING TO 92.5 IN COLORADO SPRINGS STARTING NOVEMBER 1ST IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! WAY-FM will be moving to a new frequency in Colorado Springs starting November 1st! Our new frequency will be 92.5 FM Set a preset now and make plans to join us on 92.5 on November 1st. Same great WAY-FM music! Same Wally Show in the morning! Same signal power and radio coverage in Colorado Springs! Help us spread the word by sharing this page on Facebook and…

Clarksville’s Fall Festival Guide

  Click on your county to find out which Fall Festivals are happening nearest you! Clarksville Montgomery County Christian County Hickman/Dickson/Cheatham Counties Sumner/Robertson/Wilson Counties Stewart/Humphreys Counties

Bowling Green’s Fall Festival Guide

  Click on your county to find out which Fall Festivals are happening nearest you! Bowling Green Warren/Allen/Barren Counties Logan/Simpson Counties Hopkins County Edmonson/Hart Counties

Fall Festival Guide

Click on your county to find out which Fall Festivals are happening nearest you! Davidson County Williamson County Rutherford/Bedford Counties Sumner/Robertson/Wilson Counties Dickson/Hickman/Cheatham Counties Maury County    

67 Surprising Things Not Found in the Bible; How Many Can You Guess?

A lot of things are found in the Bible, and some... not so much. For example "God helps those who help themselves." If you thought you could find that passage in the Bible, you may want to look in Hezekiah 1:8 (for those still lost on this, Hezekiah isn't a book)... Benjamin Franklin was the man behind that quote. Here are 66 other things you may have thought were in the Bible, but are actually…

3 Reasons Why Mandisa Is Awesome!

It’s always a Good Morning with Mandisa! There are only a few good things in this world to cure the pains of a stressfull morning. One being coffee, two being prayer, and three being Mandisa’s song Good Morning. With lyrics like, “Wave away my yesterday. Cause I’m leaving it all behind me” and “Hello sunshine come what may” it’s easy to start your day off on the right track, even if you don’t feel awake…