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Change the world from your car!

"Love doing this! I did this the other day and asked the drive-thru worker to please let the person behind me know that the person in the car in front of them wanted to bless them.  The look on the lady's face was priceless! The very next day, someone blessed me with a Drive Thru Difference! It made my day! What a cool way to do servant evangelism! Thanks! "   We've all heard it's…

NO..it really is our PLEASURE!

Stop the press...WHAT.!! A local Portland news paper reported recently that fast food giant Chick-fil-A is looking to install a store with in the city in the next year or so. According to the Oregonian story this week the store could be installed with a drive thru window and all the yummy goodness of waffle fries and crazy good Southern Style Chicken Sandwiches. Looking over the companies website it is hard to believe that the chain has…

Show Us How You Live Service Out

We love hearing from people just like you each and every day who share with us how they're Living Service Out here in the Gulf Coast. Maybe you serve at rescue mission every month, or you help at the local food distribution center, or your church has an awesome ministry that impacts the community. That's what it means to Live Service Out! And that's why we have the Service Spotlight! Each month we take a…

Want to be part of a miracle?

It's probably not everyday you get asked that question huh? Well - we're asking it to you now! Are you ready to be part of a miracle? If the opportunity presented itself would you do it? Here's your chance to find out! The Magic City Miracle is coming up on Sunday! It's a special day of giving back to our community through service.  There are a variety of projects - so there is something for…

Encouragement for today: See you at the Pole 2014

What an amazing morning! At schools across the nation students gathered together to pray for our country, their school and so much more! This year's theme was "Never Stop Praying" - what a great reminder! "And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people" -  Ephesians 6:18New International Version (NIV) Let's not let…

Increase Your Killer Focus with These 7 Proven Tips

I’m fairly productive as a person, but the truth is, I get distracted easily and have a hard time staying focused at times. If I didn’t have notes when I was preaching, I would totally get off track. My mind wanders too much. Thankfully, there are a few things that help me focus. Or, at least, they help prepare the conditions to keep me focused. It’s still a discipline on my part, but these things…

3 Reasons To Spread Christmas Cheer NOW

Alright yes we know - it's September. Don't worry - we're not playing Christmas music yet! Either way we know what you're thinking - It's WAY too early to be talking about Christmas! BUT when you're talking about giving Christmas to children around the WORLD you've got to start early! Providing Christmas for 10 millions kids in over 100 different countries doesn't allow for free 2-day shipping so we've got to start NOW (and you thought…

Business Break

Taking a break from work during the day is necessary but can be a little dull sometimes... well... we can do something about that! It's WAY-FM's Business Break! Tell us about where you work for your chance to win a coffee and donut break for you and your co-workers! We pick a winner every week! Coffee and Donuts are provided by:  

Fall Festivals!

What does your church do for their Fall Festival? Are there pumpkins everywhere? Are there lots of games? Do you have any traditions that you just can't do without? Well, tell us all about your church's Fall Festival... If you do you might win some free advertisement for the event and WAY-FM will even join your church for the festivities. Are you ready to tell us all about it... Ready... Set... GO!  

Morgan Freeman, Jack Huston to Star in ‘Ben-Hur,’ Remake of Biblical Classic

Morgan Freeman, Jack Huston to Star in 'Ben-Hur,' Remake of Biblical Classic One of the most successful Christian-themed films in American cinematic history will soon be remade for a 21st century audience. MGM and Paramount have announced plans to remake the classic "Ben-Hur," having recently casted its lead role and other characters. Get the full article HERE.