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Volunteer With Your WAY-FM

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Do you have a heart to impact lives right here in Southwest Florida? We're looking for people just like you to help us at some upcoming events like sticker stops, concerts, and Live (service) Out projects! If you're available, please fill out the form below and we'll be in touch!

WAY-FM’s Graduation Party Giveaway

Grad Party Giveaway
You've worked really hard all year! Now is your time to PARTY! Sign up below (or sign up someone you know who is getting ready to graduate) and you could win a VIP Skybox for you and 15 friends at the for KING & COUNTRY concert on May 1st. There is no better way to celebrate graduation than with Pizza, VIP Seating, friends, and a for KING & COUNTRY concert! Congrats to Michael of Fort…

How Running Helped Me With My Faith

running image
After 25 years of limited exercise, I was most decidedly not a runner. So when I signed up for a 5K run in an attempt to force myself to be healthier, it came as a bit of a surprise. Still though, I downloaded my couch to 5K running app and started with day one. The first day was a challenge. With limited exercise in the past, I was almost immediately winded and sore, ready to…

Our Ministry Of The Month: Christian Chamber of Commerce of the Northwest

Our Vision - "A Thriving Marketplace Demonstrating the Abundance of God." Our Mission - "To Connect & Engage Christians in Business to Steward & Prosper Their Organizations." Our Purpose - "We've set the Table for You to Learn from the King of Kings about our Father's Business." We are all about helping Believers to Connect in the Marketplace with Excellence, Integrity & Professionalism, Learn the Biblical Principles, Practices & Planning of Profitable, Sustainable & Scalable…

Tracy’s story is filled with a contagious hope!

This is Tracy. Tracy was a longtime WAY-FM volunteer during pledge drive, and she talked to hundreds of WAY-FM listeners from all over the United States who called in to make pledges, and she might have even spoken to you as you made your pledge. The awesome thing about Tracy was the way she would light up and smile as she was able to pray with those who were on the phone with her. She…

Why We Love for King & Country and You Should Too!

For King & Country
You might have heard the news that for King & Country is coming to Southwest Florida on May 1st at Germain Arena. Here are 6 reasons why we are excited to see them live and why you should be too! 1.) Their music has been number 1 on the National Billboard Charts...because it's AWESOME!   To us SHOULDERS being #1 on this weeks @billboard's radio charts represents that the spirit of the song found its…

WAY-FM Presents for KING & COUNTRY TODAY at Germain Arena!!!

We are excited to bring for the first time ever to Southwest Florida for KING & COUNTRY. Not only do they put on one of the best concerts in Christian music, but their songs will make you want to rock the night away! We are happy to announce that Southwest Florida's very own For A Season will be opening the show. This is going to be a concert you are not going to want to…

This is Your Chance to Win Lunch with Lauren Daigle

Lauren Daigle on swing
How many times have you sat down to lunch and Lauren Daigle was there? If you're like us, that's about never times. Well, here at 89.9 and 106.3 WAY-FM we want to get you up close and personal with the artists that inspire us every day. We gave Lauren a call and she told us that she wants to have lunch with YOU! But we can't just let you go that easily. Why not have…