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Video Game that’s definitely “Mom” approved!

Bestselling author and Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren has given his blessing to two brothers raising money to create a video game series about David of the Old Testament. The California pastor called twin brothers Ruben and Efraim Meulenberg's project "a game-changer for families and gamers alike. The Game Bible is an incredible way to experience the stories of the Bible." Click HERE for more!

Nicolas Cage Talks ‘Left Behind’

Nicolas Cage, who stars in the highly-anticipated remake of the rapture-inspired "Left Behind," revealed the reasons behind his involvement with the film this week. Find out more, HERE! (PHOTO: LEFT BEHIND/FACEBOOK)

Taylor Swift takes the time for others

Taylor Swift by far is one of the most busy artist in the music industry right now. With her massive hit "Shake it Off" making the rounds on stations around the world, its amazing to see that she still has time for others. T-Swift has always seemed like the type of lady who is truly dedicated to reaching out to her fans and saying thank you as well as spending time with them. Lets be real she…

Need a break?

Who's ready for a break from work? Don't worry - it doesn't require you taking off any vacation days.  But it does include food! Introducing.... WAY-FM's Business Break! This is a chance for you to treat your co-workers to coffee, donuts, and a break - all on us! Just tell us about where you work and we could be bringing you coffee and donuts next week! Every week you'll have a chance to win! If…

How Do You Live Service Out?

We love hearing from people just like you each and every day who share with us how they're Living Service Out here in North Florida and South Georgia. Maybe you serve at rescue mission every month, or you help at the local food distribution center, or your church has an awesome ministry that impacts the community. That's what it means to Live Service Out! And that's why we have the Service Spotlight! Each month we…

Drive-Thru Difference

You're no doubt familiar with the concept.  You decide to pay for the coffee, food, or whatever, of the person behind you in the drive-thru.  Sort of a "pay it forward" kinda thing.  Or, maybe the person in front of you in the drive-thru did the same for you. Either way, it's a great way to really impact someone's day.  Who knows what someone might be going through when, out of the blue, they get…

Secret Keeper Girl’s Fashion Do’s and Don’ts

At the Secret Keeper Girl Crazy Hair Tour coming to McGregor Baptist Church on October 3rd we'll take a fun look at how you can dress modestly and still look great! And one of the biggest things we can teach our daughters is to learn from our mistakes. And let's admit it...over the years...we've made a lot of mistakes when it comes to fashion...but it hasn't all been bad...honestly 1950's The 50's were a simpler…

It’s Fall Festival Season

Is your church, club or other organization putting on a Fall Festival? We'd love to help serve the South Florida community by getting the word out about your upcoming event. So, whether you're setting up hay rides, a trunk-or-treat, pumpkin patch or other type of event, let us know and we'll share it with all of our listeners. Win a Free Promotion Fill out my online form.

A Good Lie?

That catch your attention? Ours too! What is the Good Lie? Is there such a thing? It's something we can find out together! There are a few things that we know about it:   1. It's a Movie   2. It's based on a true story   3. It will touch you   Would you join us on October 1st for the premier of The Good Lie? It's amazing story that has and will continue…