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Baby Got Class…Yeah they do!

I WANT TO BE IN THIS FAMILY!! I mean they are stinking AWESOME! Can you imagine what its like sitting at the dinner table each night. My goodness. What a fun time. But I think the coolest part is that they do everything together. They seemed to be soo routed in family that it shows in each of there videos. Yes its all for funny laughs...haha..but it's really great to see a family WANTING to…

Need a date night?

  With the business of life it's hard to get out with your spouse for a date night... well... we want to help! Every week we celebrate your anniversaries and every week one couple has a chance to win a VIP experience at Monaco Pictures at Bridgestreet! It includes dinner at The Scene and a movie! All you need to do is enter and let us know when your anniversary is! ENTER HERE    

Millennials spend big bucks on these vices

  Millennials are giving into temptation and shelling out hundreds of dollars a year on booze, coffee and fast food, according to a survey out this week from budgeting app Level Money. Level, used primarily by 18- to 35-year-olds, pulled the spending data of its half million users to see where Millennials are indulging the most. Here's a look at the results. Read the full article here: USAToday  

Here’s How You Can Help Students AND Teachers

Ahh the most magical time of the year…time for back to school!!! And while we may be rejoicing that the kids are heading back…we're also feeling the sting of back to school shopping! Recent reports have shown that parents are spending upwards of $300-$400 on school supplies…and that's just with one child! But even more surprising is another statistic you may not know about. While we're spending that much money on our children - their…

Here’s How You Can Help ALL Women Feel Beautiful

The Secret Keeper Girl Crazy Hair Tour is happening August 30th at Thomasville Road Baptist Church! At this amazing night for mothers and daughters we'll be looking at what it truly means to be beautiful! We want to prepare all young women to face life's challenges head on knowing that they are ALL beautiful in God's eyes! It's a known fact that a person's own self image is tied to their self esteem! Recently Forbes published…

3 Opportunities for Gospel Outreach in Public Schools

In the whirlwind of today’s culture, it is easy to focus on mounting threats to religious freedom, which may lead us to believe that doors of opportunity are closing fast. While many of these issues need to be engaged, freedoms still abound that often go untapped by Christians, especially in the realm of public schools. This article is not about what most Christians would like the law to be; it is about what the law…

A little known way to show thanks

  With the craziness of getting back to school sometimes it's all we can do to keep up with lunches, new clothes, supplies and schedules.  Well, we want to encourage you to show thanks this back to school season by saying thanks to teachers.  They do an amazing job of pouring into their students. If there's a teacher in you or your child's life that really stands out we'd love to hear about them! Tell…

Crystal Apple Award | Northeast Alabama

Do you have or know a teacher who has made a positive impact in your life? Maybe they do a fantastic job teaching, and coaching the individuals around them. But sometimes, these great people are not always recognized for their efforts. Now, you can nominate them for the Crystal Apple Award! Not only will your teacher feel like their job is continually making a difference, but you can return the favor.  

Does a free lunch exist?

  You may have heard there's no such thing as a free lunch... well... we're here to prove that wrong! You can win a free lunch for you and 10 of your co-workers with WAY-FM's Free Lunch Friday! Just tell us about where you work and you could be treating the office to lunch from McAlisters! Enter Here!  

Win on Instagram | Birmingham

  We love giving you different WAYS to win - and this time it's a way for you to win some of your favorite WAY-FM music! If you're on instagram than you're almost completely set! All you need to do is take a picture of how you're taking WAY-FM back to school with you and then post it to instagram with the hashtag #backtoschoolwithwayfm.  And make sure to follow and tag @wayfmbirmingham! That's it! Take…