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It's almost time for Movie Night! And we're bringing you: Do You Believe? It's happening Tuesday, March 17th at 6PM at the Monaco Pictures at Bridge Street. Enter here to win a pair of tickets! We'll email our winners! Thanks to our sponsor: Dr. Ramsay Nuwayhid: Facial Esthetics and Cosmetic Dentistry (256.881.6185)

BHAM Blog (magic city miracle) 6

It's probably not everyday you get asked that question huh? Well - we're asking it to you now! Are you ready to be part of a miracle? If the opportunity presented itself would you do it? Here's your chance to find out! The Magic City Miracle is coming up on Sunday! It's a special day of giving back to our community through service.  There are a variety of projects - so there is something for…

Day 3 Jesus and Pilate

Pilate tells Jesus he has the power to let him live or be put to death. But the joke was kind of on him. Check out today's video as Carlos leads discussion.   We're going through 8 Days of Easter with the World's Biggest Small Group right now (March 29th - April 5th.) This is Day 3. Want to join us? Click below!

Vase featured image

Help us decide who's most crafty. Whomever's vase gets the most pins, wins. Clockwise from the top left: Betty's Vase: The purr-fect vase for keeping her cats from eating her flowers. Zach's Vase: Called The Face Vase™, this design is inspired by the classic optical illusion that asks if you see a vase or two faces. The shape of the vase was created by tracing Zach and his wife Sarah's profiles. Wally's Vase: It's a rustic, whimsical…


Growing up, Easter was always about dying eggs, candy, and getting presents from the Easter Bunny. Our family would gather in our nicest outfits to visit grandparents and to have the spectacular feast of a ham dinner. Surely, it was a wonderful time of year, but beyond the rabbits and food, there was always something more. Easter is not just a holiday for kids, but a time to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ. Because of…