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A Struggling Believer’s Story

There are songs that move you, then there are songs that stop you in your tracks. That is what “Worn” did to me and for me. This year has been like no other in my life. My grandmother had a massive stroke, which she will not recover from.  My grandfather was diagnosed with liver cancer and given 2 months to live. I then lost my job, and now we are in danger of losing our home.  I will find a way it will be okay. I repeated this mantra daily… but I didn’t pray . Then we got the call my dear cousin at 24 had taken her own life. The defeat was eminent. I was and still am broken. This I could not accept. How would I be strong for my children? How would i be strong for my family? I still did not pray . Not because I don’t believe in prayer or know how, my father is a pastor.  I was raised in the church . But because praying wasn’t going to change anything . And then while driving to the store feeling broken,  “Worn” came on and it stopped me . What was I doing? How am I supposed to carry this weight by myself ? Let me know redemption wins. These trials, this sadness I deal with every day are not mine to bear alone. I am fighting a battle, a spiritual battle. I have been fighting it every day for years now trying to ignore the fact that I have to let Him take control . I ‘m worn there is no doubt about it, and my prayers are wearing thin.  In the car at the store I gave up . I gave up trying to bear the pain, trying to understand why God had taken so much from me. I said,  “It is yours.” I am still struggling, I am still sad , but I am not alone . And redemption will win.

A Young Believer’s Story

I heard the song “Even If” for the first time tonight while I was studying and it really got to me. For me that song is what every non christian should listen to, to realize even if it is not the outcome that you wanted it is what God had planned for your life. I believe God played that song for me to hear tonight because it put into words what I wish I could explain to people on how I feel about God on time love. Thank you Way FM for the inspirational music. I am a college student and this station really helps me to focus on God and realize just how amazing he really is. God Bless.

A Struggling Believer’s Story

I am a recovering addict. For 14 years I used drugs and put my family through alot. There were a few times I got clean, went to rehab, got close to God. But the enemy continued to tempt and grab ahold of me. My dad never gave up on me. He would call me and tell me to listen to this Christian radio station. I also lost my mother when I was 13 years old.

When the song came out by Natalie Grant, “Held”, he would call me everytime to listen to it. He said that WAY-FM gave him hope and helped him through all of my stuff. Today, I ONLY listen to WAY-FM. It lifts me up and puts me right where I need to be daily. I love the fact that my daughter, Hayden and I know and sings most of the songs. Thank you! God really works through WAY-FM and through the music played. I LOVE WAY-FM!

An Experienced Believer’s Story

My wife, who is pregnant, underwent surgery to remove her ovary due to a mass that had overtaken it. The prognosis was grim as we and the doctors expected it to be the beginning of a long battle.

They said she might not make it through the procedure. They said we might lose the baby, and then there was the danger of the impending cancer.  During this period the Third Day song, “I need a Miracle” seemed to play all the time. The timing was incredible because although we were very positive and hopeful, I felt like we needed a miracle. We prayed for a positive outcome and that God’s will would be done. The procedure only took one hour.

My wife and the baby come through fine and the tumor was benign. Praise God!!!


A Struggling Believer’s Story

Monday was three months since my boyfriend and the guy I though I was going to marry was taken away from me. It was really hitting me even more than normal. I was at work doing what I had to do but not wanting to do anything. I always listen to WAY-FM, but today the music was God-sent. In an hour’s time, there were about 7 songs that spoke to me and the pain I’m dealing with daily. They reminded me of the hope I have in my Lord and Savior even when things look awful. Thank you for your station; ya’ll are truly impacting lives.

A New Believer’s Story

I always thought “Christian” music was boring, but I got introduced to your station when I was in a program called “Teen Challenge.” I have struggled with addiction issues all my life. I thought i would just cruise through this program, but God had a different plan. While in Teen Challenge God turned my life upside down!!

I was broken inside and out. But God picked up my pieces and put them back together the way they are supposed to be. He filled the void that I was trying to fill with drugs and alcohal. He has lifted me up and restored my family and everything that I once lost. He gave it back to me and more! This radio station has helped me throughout my Christian walk. Wally has helped me out with how real he is with his walk. I would like to thank Wally for being real and staying that way.

Keep up the good work guys and thank you all for hard work and kepping Jesus streaming all over the world.

A Struggling Believer’s Story

Hey WAY-FM, my name is Tanya and I’m 19 years old. I heard about your station from my uncle a while ago and was not sure if it would be something i would like. Turns out that after hearing the music and actually listening to the words, your station helped me with regreat, pain and sadness that i was dealing with. I was amazed at how Wally made the love of Jesus Christ clear to me one day while he was speaking on the station, doing his thing 🙂 I’ve realized the value that i have in Jesus, and how much He loves me, how much He loves us all. From that dark, hopeless place i was at to this now hopeful and changed me, I have found my place.  I want to thank YOU for the work and dedication you guys put in keeping this station going and by spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. I hope to reach thousands for the kingdom of God throughout my life and you have encouraged me to do that. Again thank you for reaching to me and all I hope is that we can reach others. God bless.

A Struggling Believer’s Story

Dear WAY-FM you were talking about God’s love and forgiveness and I really needed to hear that.Recently I have felt alone and that God could never love me because of all my sins. The inspirational word you provide reminded me that I don’t have to be perfect to be loved by the lord. I felt I had too many sins to be forgiven again. Then I heard somebody talk about love and how it was God’s endless forgiveness. Hearing your word brought me back from living in sin. Thank you! God bless.

An Experienced Believer’s Story

WAY-FM opened my eyes. I’ve always had faith and always loved music but I had always believed Christian music to be more gospel then rock. One day on a business trip I came across your radio station. I haven’t tuned away since. Never had I thought that two loves in my life (God and Music) could speak to me with such power as the artists on your station. Thank you for opening my eyes to a new way of listening.