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I Love God- A Young Believer’s Story

My oldest son’s father was killed in a car accident this last December just before Christmas. It was a hard thing for him (a seven year old) to understand. Since then, he has begun to ask questions about God and heaven, seeking as much as he can so he can “be closer to his daddy”. I have been taking both my boys to church every Sunday now and they have gotten to where they look… … Continue reading


This Ordeal Has Only Strengthened My Faith – A Story of Hope

I am 24 years old and 7 weeks ago I was rushed to the emergency room because my entire right foot was turning white; it was getting hardly any blood or oxygen to it. Within an hour I was in surgery and have had 3 surgeries since then. I have severe artery damage due to many blood clots and other ailments. The doctors are saying there is no way to repair my leg and within a year I will have to have it amputated below the knee. My family and I have just been turned upside down because of this.  The funny thing is they are taking it a lot harder than me.

I am really the only Christian in my family and they are starting to see (accept) just how strong and powerful my faith is and that this ordeal has only strengthened it. When all of this started happening, I just kept saying over and over, “It is in God’s hands.  Whatever He hands me will only make me stronger.” Everything about WAY-FM has truly touched my heart and is a big part of my life. With this station I can worship God everywhere and know that He is still with me. I don’t know what I would do without ya’ll.


The Beehive – A Believer’s Story

The workplace can be a place where we can feel accomplishment, success, and part of a team. But it can also promote stress, anxiety, or even low self esteem when deadlines are not met, friction among co-workers exists, or budget constraints demand long hours. Add to the mix, a maze of cubicles, 50 people talking at the same time, and constant movement and you have what I affectionately call “the beehive”! Bringing peace and balance in my “beehive” was a challenge until I decided to listen to WAY-FM. All day, every day, lip synching the words to each song I know, rockin’ to the beat in my desk chair and laughing when Wally says something ridiculous to make me laugh. I’m smiling because my peace is restored and is a constant reminder that God is right there in “the beehive” with me.

My co-workers started one by one to tap me on the shoulder to ask me what I’m listening to because they see me smiling and dancing in my chair. I tell them, WAY-FM, contemporary Christian music and at that moment, share my ear bud so they can listen in. I tell them it keeps me sane and happy every day at work.

Thank you WAY-FM for making my work place a better part of my day and the opportunity to share God’s message to my co-workers.


Almost Divorced (audio)

Love the stories you hear on air?  Click to hear one listener share the story of how God restored his marriage from the brink of divorce.


I ALWAYS PRETENDED TO BE A CHRISTIAN – A Struggling Believer’s Story

I have always pretended to be a Christian but inside I could never find a way to give God total control. On Monday night I sat in an Applebee’s parking lot crying into my best friend’s shirt. She played such inspiring Christian music and we prayed together. After 21 years, that night I finally gave up and surrendered my heart to God. I am happier than I have been in years, worldly temptations are gone, and WAY- FM is a constant reminder of what God did for me. Thanks for being there for a new creature in Christ.



Hello WAY-FM. I recently went through a trial that I know only God could have brought me through; but I am fully persuaded that He used your station to help bring me to a higher place in him. I just turned 20 and in my 20 years of living I lost my dad, closest grandad, the young man I thought I was going to marry, and my godmom. Before my godmom passed away I remember driving to hospice for the first time alone. I was afraid because I didn’t know if I could handle being in the room with her alone with no one to cry to if I needed. I drove in silence trying my best to stay strong… If not for anyone else, for myself. I prayed, “God, don’t let me lose someone else I love” but felt like God was not answering back.

I parked and sat in the silent car… Once more I began to pray and this time I said, “God, not my will but your will be done. Are you going to take her or are you going to raise her out of this situation?” I waited… no answer… I cried… still no answer…. I turned on the radio… and there was my answer.  The song that played as soon as I turned the radio on was Natalie Grant, Held. I cried for at that moment I knew she wasn’t going to make it… But, through that song I got an indescribable assurance that everything would be ok.

I’d been saying to friends and family that I didn’t know if I’d be able to make it if she died; but, from that point of hearing that song all the way up until now God has kept me and has proven himself to be a comforter, healer, and mender of my broken heart. Thank you, WAY-FM; for truly in the time I needed it the most God used your ministry to let me know that this peace I feel inside when my world may be falling apart, yes even THIS is what it means to be held…


I GAVE UP AND SURRENDERED – A New Believer’s Story


I came across your station about 2 months ago. I haven’t stopped listening to it. I was going through so much. I was close to God at different times in my life. I always found my way right back.

The last time I was around 16, and now I’m going on 24 in April. It has taken me that long to draw close to Him again. I finally realized that the only one that can get me through this life is our wonderful Father in Heaven. I gave up and surrendered to Him, and repented for all I’v done.

I found encouragement with this station. It truly has helped me with my daily walk with God. I started to go back to church recently. Then caught myself falling back into my old ways. Finally I denied myself like Luke 9:23 says “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.”

My life is forever changed. I do Bible studies now. I talk about my faith, and Jesus all the time. I just love what He is doing in my life right now. I pray all the time. I love it. I’m hungry to know more and more of His word. I love stories from the Bible.  He has brought so much joy to my life, and through your station I have found my way back to Him as well as my church.

I love Word on the Way, and the music just sings to my soul. I sing out loud to it, and dance in my car every morning on my way to work. This station has made the start to my work day so much better. I find joy and happiness every time I listen to it. When my day goes bad. I blare the music and just sing out loud. Thank you for this station.  God is so AWESOME!!! I pray He just keeps speaking to me and through this station.This station speaks the truth, and just is very touching!! :)


God Was Reaching Out To Me Through The Song

A Struggling Believer’s Story

I was at a low point in my life and felt lost and forgotten, but then “Courageous” by Casting Crowns came on while I was flipping through radio channels. Something told me to stick with the channel and hear the song until the end. I realized that was God reaching out to me through the song. Now, I’m happy to say that WAY-FM was the starting point for me and my walk with Christ  after being away from Him for so long.