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Why Luke from for King & Country Loves Christmas Shows

Christmas shows are fun, and Luke from for King & Country has a theory why: The thing that I find amazing about Christmas shows is you’re literally singing the greatest songs ever sung. You’ve got hundreds of years of songs that have been written about Christmas and everybody knows them. Usually when you go to any concert, there’s a lot of songs you don’t know that well. When you come to a Christmas show, you’re… … Continue reading

If You Like for King & Country, You’ll Love This New Band!

for King & Country is known for making great music, but the talent doesn’t stop there. Lead singer Joel’s wife, Moriah Peters, announced the formation of a brand new female band called TRALA. Joel had nothing but sweet things to say about how proud he is of these ladies and their music. Their first single is called “Holy Collision.” Here’s what Joel from for King & Country posted about TRALA: “Enormously proud of these brave… … Continue reading

A Glorious Christmas Tour with Casting Crowns & FOR KING + COUNTRY!

GRAMMY award-winning artists Casting Crowns and for KING & COUNTRY will join forces this holiday season for a once in a lifetime theatrical, dynamic, and moving Christmastime performance. Presented by Compassion International, the tour will feature original hits from both groups, as well as brand new songs from upcoming Christmas albums, previous holiday recordings and Christmas classics. Join Casting Crowns and for KING + COUNTRY for A Glorious Christmas Tour in Louisville, Kentucky at Freedom… … Continue reading

for king & Country’s Response to Charlottesville is Simple But Powerful

It’s a simple prayer for our country during yet another week of confusion and hurt. for King & Country  sent out this tweet and encouraged followers to pass on the message of their song “O God Forgive Us” if it feels appropriate. O God, forgive us. #charlottesville -j — for KING & COUNTRY (@4kingandcountry) August 13, 2017 “Young and old, black and white Rich and poor, there’s no divide Hear the mighty, hear the powerless, singing… … Continue reading

Watch This Timely New Music Video from for King & Country

“In a time of international extremism, racial division, and political tension let’s wave our white flags together and sing, “O GOD FORGIVE US.”  In this music video, for King & Country and KB confront these issues by coming face-to-face with younger versions of themselves.   Who played the younger versions of each singer? Check out the behind the scenes video for an intriguing look at how it was made.   Want to Cruise to Alaska… … Continue reading

Congratulations to Joel Smallbone from for King & Country!

Joel David Smallbone (lead singer of for King & Country) has officially been sworn in as a citizen of the United States of America! His time in America has really come full-circle. He and his wife, Moriah, revisited the first hotel he and his family ever came to after moving to America. Now, all of his family are American citizens. Don’t worry, Joel still has dual citizenship to Australia, too. ???? See how much for… … Continue reading

Win a Romantic Cruise in the “Shipshape Shakespeare” Contest! (WINNER REVEALED!)

Congratulations to our winners! for King & Country reads the winning poem in the video below.     The WAY-FM 30th Anniversary Alaska Cruise will feature breathtaking sights, 3 decades of Christian music (for King & Country, Brandon Heath, and special appearance by Rebecca St. James,) plus some of your favorite WAY-FM DJs! Book my cruise! This contest is no longer taking entries. Thanks for checking it out! Official Contest Rules … Continue reading

The Most Interesting Artists of 2016

Every year we compile a list of some of the most interesting artists in Christian music. We hear their songs on the radio, but there’s so much more to them than just a hit song. Here is this years full list! NF   Who is NF? Maybe ask your kids, but Nathan “Nate” Feuerstein from Gladwin, Michigan has been making waves for a while now. This year though he took it to another level with “Therapy Session”… … Continue reading