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Brandon Heath Opens Up About Reconciling With His Dad Before His Death

Brandon Heath joins me on Episode 56 of the “More Than The Music Podcast” to share the stories behind his album, “Faith, Hope, Love, Repeat,” including the final moments he shared with his dad before he passed away.        Brandon learned just how important forgiveness and reconciliation is. Enter to win an autographed Brandon Heath “Faith, Hope, Love, Repeat” CD! … Continue reading

Watch This Timely New Music Video from for King & Country

“In a time of international extremism, racial division, and political tension let’s wave our white flags together and sing, “O GOD FORGIVE US.”  In this music video, for King & Country and KB confront these issues by coming face-to-face with younger versions of themselves.   Who played the younger versions of each singer? Check out the behind the scenes video for an intriguing look at how it was made.   Want to Cruise to Alaska… … Continue reading

How the Toughest Choices Lead to the Greatest Life

I love going on runs. Actually, let me be honest, if you were to see me you might describe what I do as jogging… or brisk walking. But, hey, at least I’m moving. I used to live in a home that sat at the bottom of a hill. The road that led up the hill was called Power Road. Don’t you love the name of that road? Something about it sounds daunting. And it was.… … Continue reading

Forgiveness in an Age of Anger | Brant’s Ted Talk

Anger. Brant says, “It defines our politics, it defines how people interact with each other on the road. We’re angry! I have a crazy idea about… this anger thing and I want to bounce it off of you…” In this video, Brant challenges us to re-think our assumptions and consider living a life full of forgiveness.     … Continue reading

Why I’m Not Ready to Forgive Yet

We walked up the car with our mouths wide open. Even from a distance, I knew something was wrong. My boyfriend and I had just enjoyed a beautiful fall hike in the woods at a public park and returned to find that his car had been broken into. My first thought was, there is no way that’s our car! There is no way that someone smashed out the window in the car I drove here in.… … Continue reading

When Family Lets You Down

Family issues can be especially difficult to navigate. Katherine is currently walking through that with her family, so we connected her with John from Rock House Center for some Hot Mess help. Katherine’s Story: I have not had a relationship with my parents for almost ten years. My father cheated my husband in some business dealings, and we ended up losing a great deal of money. We have since moved away and distanced ourselves from my… … Continue reading

How Do You Forgive When It’s Not Deserved?

We had John from Rock House come in for another Hot Mess segment. This time, we talked to Courtney about some of the issues she’s facing with her father. Courtney’s Story: In 2001, at 15, I was taken away from my parents due to abuse and neglect in the home. My dad was very abusive to my mom, and in turn she abused us both physically and emotionally. I was the one who reported them, and my… … Continue reading

Do You Actually Know What Forgiveness Is?

“But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” Matthew 5:44 My husband and I sat down the other day to read the Bible to our kids before bedtime. He opened our time together by saying “Hey kids, you want to know something really weird and difficult that God asks us to do? He asks us to ‘love our enemies’ – isn’t that weird? Do you feel like loving your enemies… … Continue reading

This is the Powerful Tribute to Charleston You Asked About

You may have heard a tribute to Emanuel Church in Charleston, SC on WAY-FM. We played Matthew West’s powerful song, “Forgiveness,” and featured the words spoken to shooter, Dylann Roof, by families of victims. So many of you asked us where you could hear it again! Feel free to listen, pray, be blessed, and share the message with someone who needs it. Forgiveness can be hard to grasp. But it’s the perfect picture of what… … Continue reading

Forgiveness. Sometimes it’s rough, but worth it and there are two great benefits of truly forgiving others.

There are certain theological words that, despite being common among Christians, are so persistently misunderstood by our non-Christian neighbors that a lot of explanation—and, usually, correction—is necessary. Think of words like “redeem” or “glorify” or “Trinity.” If you don’t go to church, you don’t use those words … unless you’re talking about church people. Read more HERE … Continue reading