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You may have heard about the flack Sarah Palin has gotten from writing notes on her hand during a speech at a tea party rally.  Yesterday, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs mocked Sarah Palin during his daily briefing when he stopped in mid-sentence to announce he'd written a few notes on his hand.  I wish he had written fix the stinkin economy on his hand.

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"General" Larry Platt's Pant's on the Ground has taken America by storm.  Recently,The General was on Total Axxess. He talked about his work with the civil rights movement with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and he was inspired to make a socially conscious version of Pants on the Ground.  This is called Robes on the Ground and it is encouraging people not to join the Ku Klux Klan.  A message I think we can all…

This started out as a joke on Toby that everyone in the room was in on, but Toby turned the tables by busting out some impressive blindfolded Baller skills.  We were all impressed

TobyMac lets his son, True Dog, rap on his albums.  My daughter, Haille, was inspired by that and did a rap on my show.  However, in the future I will find out what she is going to rap about first. value="true">