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In an attempt to work though my own issues I have started giving different bands pages from my sixth grade journal. The hope is that they can make something beautiful form my tormented ramblings about my life as a kid. This entry is about the time I got thrown into the showers by kids at school with my uniform on because I was "shower shy."

Colorado Christian University

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We were talking about the lack of love songs written by Christian artists then someone reminded me of "I Will Be Here" by Steven Curtis Chapman.  I should have remembered that cause it was sung at my wedding by a guy with a mullet.  17 years later Steven did me a favor and sang it to my wife the way it should be sung for our anniversary.  

I have been accused of being mean to Intern Betty Rock by calling her a cat lady.  Well, now I have proof she is.  She dressed up her Cat, Gust-o-fur for Halloween.  I would have posted all the pictures but we ran out of bandwidth and why she put tighty whities on his head I will never know.