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Colorado Christian University

Colorado Christian University is proud to have “Professor Wally” teaching! Apply today and use promo code WALLY to waive $50 application fee.

One thing the internet is great for is digging up embarrassing pictures of people.  It just stinks when that "someone" is you.  Here are some photos someone found of long hair Wally when I worked at Radio Disney.    Notice the Glamour Shots head tilt

Tenley is just as sweet in person as she was on the TV show the Bachelor.  I think my wife came by just to make sure Tenley didn't steal her man  I wanted Tenley to see that Jake wasn't the only guy with a six pack...or 12 pack as the case might be.    It was nice to see that our engineer John dressed up to meet Tenley.

In an attempt to work though my own issues I have started giving different bands pages from my sixth grade journal.  This entry is about the time I did something at a party to be cool, and it didn't go as planned.