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I don't like being touched and or some reason Wes, from Rush of Fools likes to hug me.  So to prevent from being assaulted during our interview I wore a bubble wrap suit.

For the Something to Say Contest, we have teamed up with Mathew West to give someone the once in a lifetime opportunity to have their poem, lyrics, or life story turned into song. To demonstrate how this would work Wally gave Matthew a page from his 6th grade journal and Michael put Wally's pain to music.

After pouring through over 600 hundred entries of people who wanted to have their lyrics or life story turned into a song by Matthew West we have a winner! Matthew West chose Victoria from Holland, MI to be the subject of the Something to Say song! We will debut the song on Total Axxes in 2 weeks! Well, there were these two girls in my class that were about 6 years younger then me. They…

Walter has the largest collection of Christian CD's in the known universe. He is a taste maker and a hit picker and he has the ear of the industry. This is Walter's latest pick. Seven Glory: Let it Be Love