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Colorado Christian University

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In an attempt to work though my own issues I have started giving different bands pages from my sixth grade journal. The hope is that they can make something beautiful form my tormented ramblings about my life as a kid. This entry is about the time a girl asked me to moonlight skate with her then told me it was a just a joke.

We started off by sending care packages to Sgt. Koopman "Koop" a Total Axxess listener serving in Iraq. We are going to expand our operations to another Total Axxess soldier Sgt. Charles Howe. His unit is in a remote area and have very few of the basics, much less any of the comforts of home. Both Charles and Koop will distribute any packages you send to the guys in their units who need them most.…

I got this from Jeri, who listens to the show, and is well aware of my love for Stryper.  See if you notice anything different about the band.