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Colorado Christian University

Colorado Christian University is proud to have “Professor Wally” teaching! Apply today and use promo code WALLY to waive $50 application fee.

In an attempt to work though my own issues I have started giving different bands pages from my sixth grade journal.  The hope is that they can make something beautiful form my tormented ramblings about my life as a kid.  This entry is about the time I was thrown in a trash can by some seniors but then rescued by an angel.

The cheesey music video for the song Jesus is My Friend by a band called Sonseed flew around the Internet at an unprecedented pace.  Leave it to David Crowder to take something lame and make it cool.  Here is his rendition of Jesus is my friend that he and his band played at the church where he leads worship.

To promote his new song, After Your Heart, Phil Wickham's record company sent over stress balls shaped like a hearts.  On this show anything can be used as a projectile and anyone can be a target as Producer Zach Found out...He never saw it coming!