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I am doing doing the 3 Day 60 mile breast cancer walk with my wife for the third year.  Each year she wants me to wear pink like all the ladies but I can't bring myself to do that.  I caved lat year with a pastel pink shirt but his year I went the complete opposite direction and actually got Stryper inspired yellow and black shoes. If you have ever watched anyone suffer with breast…

Colorado Christian University

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We did something goofy but cool as a family.  My daughter loves Paula Dean so we got one of her cookbooks from the library and each made a course.  I did the side dish, my wife did the main course and my daughter did dessert.  It was a fun and no one got food poisoning.

The maker of one of the standard issue guitars for rock in roll, Les Paul, died at 94 years old.  His invention has played such a big part in my life that I wanted to honor his memory the best way I know how.