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In their rush to find a replacement for former front man Peter Furler, The Newsboys hired Michael Tait formerly of DC Talk.  Did they act in haste before weighing out all their options for a singer?  I think this video speaks for itself.

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We were talking about things you threw away only to have someone dig it out of the trash.  Well, Producer Zach went dumpster diving in our office.  He fished through the garbage and got all the bottle caps from my water out and gave them to his wife.  She made this.  It is a bottle cap holder for my bottle caps made guessed it bottle caps.

Clinton met with Russia's foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, and presented him with a red "reset" button . . . which was meant to symbolize the OBAMA administration's willingness to, quote, "press the reset button" in our ties with Russia.  Unfortunatley she used the wrong word for "reset."  I am glad to see that our elected officials do less fact checking for important meetings of national interest than my ten year old daughter does for her school…