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Colorado Christian University

Colorado Christian University is proud to have “Professor Wally” teaching! Apply today and use promo code WALLY to waive $50 application fee.

I am usually not comfortable being called a hero but in this case when Betty needed help, the term hero definitely applied to me.

WichitaMead’s Corner Coffee House in Downtown Wichita*Sunday July 11th from 5-7 pm*1st Annual Way FM Golf Classic Monday July 12th

A website did side by side comparisons of celebrities and the other celebrities they look like.  Here are a few I found funny or amazing. Kevin from the Office and Cowboy's guard Greg Isdaner Chilli Peppers Drummer Chad Smith and Will Ferrel John Edwards and Kenneth from 30 Rock Geico Caveman and Johnny Damon Kenny G and Weird Al Donatella Versace adn a Muppett

I believe it's important to tell the people in your life how much you love them...and to make sure they hear you when you say it.

I was asked to emcee a festival on my 18th wedding anniversary.  So I wanted to surprise my wife and have her favorite band, Rush of Fools, perform a song from our wedding on stage at the festival.