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A restaurant in Winston-Salem, North Carolina offers a surprising deal: if patrons pray before their meal, they receive 15 percent off. Mary’s Gourmet Diner has been giving praying customers a break for four years, but the unpublicized discount is only just now gaining attention. Jordan Smith visited the diner and was surprised to see $6.07 taken off her $40.50 bill. When she posted a photo of the receipt to Facebook, it piqued national interest. Read…

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BHAM Blog (fall 2)

Fall is in full swing and that means a lot of great things are back... we have a few favorites - what about you? 1. Football! 2. Pumpkin.... everything! 3. Events! For the entire family... :) Let us know what your favorite fall things are! And if you're looking for fun events - check out the calendar! There are plenty of fall festivals coming up! Calendar

WAYU Blog (crystal apple)

There are people all around us who make a difference for us and the people we know... but they often go without recognition.  A special group of difference makers is teachers.  They work hard and take care of our kids in school in many ways.  We want to join you in showing appreciate to a special teacher. Tell us about an amazing teacher in your life (or your child's life) and they could be recognized…

Jonny Diaz Day 23 Feature

Jonny Diaz talks about his song "More Beautiful You" and how he had to learn to believe it for himself in today's video.   Want more devotions like this one? You can still join the World's Biggest Small Group right here!


A church in Texas is now offering spiritual guidance for people on the go. El Alfarero Church was inspired by the fast food industry to launch a drive-thru prayer option. El Alfarera Pastor John Lopez said, "It's so unique in this fast world that we live in today. Look at your drive-through restaurants. Their windows are packed every day." Read more HERE

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How often do we feel unloved? Uncared for? Its funny how in this day and age we are such a socially connected nation, yet studies pop up nearly daily that say we are the most lonely we have ever been. How is such a connected people feeling more isolated and alone than ever before? That baffles me...yet I myself have felt the sting of lonely, the agony of solitude. We can find comfort in knowing…