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12 Disciples and Jesus

Jesus called a select group of men to be his disciples. Now through the power of the internet you can find out which one you're most like.   Who'd you get? Do you agree?

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Carlos Day 3 Feature

Carlos from the WAY-FM Afternoon shares leads Day 3 of the World's Biggest Small Group! Today's topic: How do you feel about money. Check out what he has to say in today's video.   Want more devotions like this one? You can still join the World's Biggest Small Group right here!


Taylor Swift by far is one of the most busy artist in the music industry right now. With her massive hit "Shake it Off" making the rounds on stations around the world, its amazing to see that she still has time for others. T-Swift has always seemed like the type of lady who is truly dedicated to reaching out to her fans and saying thank you as well as spending time with them. Lets be real she…

Aaron Shust Day 2

It's Day 2 of the World's Biggest Small Group and today, Aaron Shust joins us from Ethiopia to tell us what God has taught him about answered prayer. Check it out!   Want more devotions like this one? You can still join the World's Biggest Small Group right here!


We love hearing from people just like you each and every day who share with us how they're Living Service Out here in North Florida and South Georgia. Maybe you serve at rescue mission every month, or you help at the local food distribution center, or your church has an awesome ministry that impacts the community. That's what it means to Live Service Out! And that's why we have the Service Spotlight! Each month we…

Tipping at the drive-thru.

You're no doubt familiar with the concept.  You decide to pay for the coffee, food, or whatever, of the person behind you in the drive-thru.  Sort of a "pay it forward" kinda thing.  Or, maybe the person in front of you in the drive-thru did the same for you. Either way, it's a great way to really impact someone's day.  Who knows what someone might be going through when, out of the blue, they get…