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Unspoken Day 19 Fasting

I think a lot of us know we should fast, but how many of us can confidently say we know why we should fast? And when was the last time you fasted, anyway? We’re right with you as we honestly ask ourselves these challenging questions. Chad from the band Unspoken shares his thoughts on fasting and Matthew 6:5-18 in today's video.   Want more devotions like this one? You can still join the World's Biggest…

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12109-exodus cms.800w.tn

Making weekend plans to see a flick? The buzz, hiss, and tsk-tsk among Christian circles over Darren Aronofsky’sNoah have only just hushed down. Now with the release of the trailer and a media preview of the next biblical epic, Exodus: Gods and Kings, the fire is slowly roaring back up again—though whether it will produce roars of applause or a cacophony of boos is still unclear. Given the controversy over Noah, probably both. Read more HERE!


LaSalle Street Church of Chicago has given each of its 320 members a check for $500, telling the members to use the money however they feel led. The church is calling the money Loaves and Fishes checks and has told the church members to use the money in way that glorifies God’s kingdom. Members were instructed to pray about it, and then spend it when they felt the call to do so. Read more HERE!

Wally Joy Drive Thru Difference

The Drive Thru Difference is a chance to help someone behind you in line at a drive thru and maybe help turn their day around. Wally found out Joy from the Carlos & Joy Show was going to be doing it, so he took advantage of the situation.   Doing the Drive Thru Difference was the World's Biggest Small Group Live (it) Out Challenge today. Did you do it? Make sure you log your points to increase your…

Wally Drive-Thru Difference

Shift your attitude toward your stuff and focus on serving God and the people around you. Join WAY-FM and do the Drive Thru Difference today! That means paying for the person behind you in the drive thru line. You’ll be surprised how awesome it feels to make someone’s day a little better! :) Click here to find your WAY-FM’s letter to print out before you go to the drive-thru on Friday. The person working the…