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Help us decide who's most crafty. Whomever's vase gets the most pins, wins. Clockwise from the top left: Betty's Vase: The purr-fect vase for keeping her cats from eating her flowers. Zach's Vase: Called The Face Vase™, this design is inspired by the classic optical illusion that asks if you see a vase or two faces. The shape of the vase was created by tracing Zach and his wife Sarah's profiles. Wally's Vase: It's a rustic, whimsical…

Colorado Christian University

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We saw Betty's drawing skills in Photo Op when she drew Don Knotts. We challenged her to put pencil to paper one more time and capture the essence of everyone on the show. Which is your favorite? Zach   Bekah   Wally    


Photo by bobsfever I wish I could pay for Wally to get off the radio with his hypocrite behind. How dare he claim to be Christian and not even believe that God exists. He gets on knowing people are listening and makes jokes about Jesus. That is soo disrespectful! Those jokes aren't funny and if you live to please the world than how are you christian? I am angry at Wally for being sooo fake…