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for King and Country on Wally Show

It was fun catching up with Joel and Luke from for King & Country. We heard some little-known stories, what they might sound like if they weren't from Australia, and played a game we like to call, "Wedgie-mite."   0:25 Growing up as Rebecca St. James' brothers 3:55 Naming the band 4:45 Accent game 11:00 Luke's health battles  

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Jade Everything Is Awesome

This is Jade, she is an amazing girl. She is funny, smart, obviously adorable, full of life and she has cancer. However, cancer is something she has, it is not who she is. Yes, she is a fighter and has had to deal with more in her short time here, than I, even as an adult, have ever had to endure. But she is more than even that. She is JOY. After meeting her, when…

Break Up Letters

After 15 unsuccessful surgeries, Boston Marathon bombing survivor Rebekah DiMartino has to have her left leg amputated. To deal with her devastating loss, she wrote a break-up letter to her leg. We admire the way she tackled her loss with courage and humor. While nothing we're facing is remotely as tough as her loss, her example motivated us to write Break-Up Letters to things that we are losing.   Wally's letter Dear Man Card, I wish I could have done this in person,…

Kirk Cameron cheats

I challenged Kirk Cameron to a friendly "Do You Want To Build A Snowman" game and he beat me, but he had to cheat to do so.    

Photo Nov 10, 6 10 20 AM

1 in 3 people think they have a great idea for an invention, but only 10% ever work to get it patented. Bekah claims her invention will save marriages. She has invented a blanket that's split down the middle so your spouse can't steal your covers in the middle of the night. Wally loves doing things like jet skiing, but because of his horrible vision has to wear glasses that get so wet he can't…