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MC Hammer Wally and Prayer

As I travel around Zambia with Blood Water meeting these amazing families, I am struck by how much better my prayer life is. I find myself almost in a constant state of prayer. I pray about big things, little things, and things I would not think to pray about back in the U.S. So, I wondered why this is? Why do I pray more and why do I pray differently in Zambia. Then it hit…

Colorado Christian University

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Shake it Like a Polaroid

On the past several trips to Africa with Blood Water we have noticed people, especially the kids, love to see what they look like on our cameras or phones after we take their picture. This year we thought it would be cool to be able to leave them with a little family photo. The dance, thanks to OutKast and the Polaroid picture song, was an exhausting bonus. Don't forget to vote on who dances better!…


Bekah, my wife Mardi, and I are going to be tag teaming this blog. Since I have been here before I guess I will go first. I was here in Zambia two years ago with Blood Water, and it was great to see some old friends today.  That is the thing about Africa, you never meet a stranger. The people are so kind and filled with joy amidst some really tough circumstances.  My Zambian friend,…

Photo Op 4-21-15 featured image

Photo Op is where Wally confiscates all of our phones and we're held accountable for the last photo we took. Which photo do you like the best? Top left: Usually Siri gets pretty close with Bekah's reminders, but she has no idea what this first one is supposed to be. Top right: Wally took this picture of the audio board in our studio. It appears as if the Finger Nail bandit has left his, or her, calling card again. Gross.…

Bart MercyMe

MercyMe has a really cool new music video for "Flawless" that you can only see here. In the video, Bart admits that he's sometimes haunted by his past. He shares  with us the past "flaws" he's had to learn how to handle. We also talk about what it's like to have paint thrown in your eye and to be completely smothered by paint.   Make sure you catch the Behind The Scenes video too.  

Hawk Nelson icing

Hawk Nelson's from Canada…Canada loves hockey…hockey outlaws icing…icing someone's face is funny.     Check out Hawk's great live performance of "Drops in the Ocean":   Here's the full extended interview with Hawk Nelson: 0:20: Changes to the band 5:45: Game: Only In America 12:00: About "Drops In The Ocean" 15:00: "Drops In The Ocean" live 19:00: Hockey Nelson game