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My husband has been sick these last few days and got confused on his first day back to work. He thought his first day back was the next day or he would've called out. His work called him and asked where he was and he said I literally did not realize I had to work today and he had the stomach virus and would not be able to make it. This morning he woke up and drove to work still not feeling 100% just to get there and be told that he would be suspended for a full rotation for not coming in yesterday when he has plenty of sick time. He is overwhelmed and upset. Please pray for my husband.

Received: October 3, 2015


Please pray for my brothers and particularly my older brother. They both have similar issues. As for my one brother, he has had addiction, and depression trials for pretty much his entire life. Everyone who cares for him he just alienates by his selfish state of being that goes along with such disease and mental illness. There is nothing you can say that he can't turn around to thinking that we are all against him. He is almost 50 years old (my other is in his late 30's) and this has been a constant battle for him. I don' t know what to ask for anymore. I would just like to see him...both of them,,,give it all to God so they can truly begin to live. Thank you...and AMEN!

May I also ask for prayers for myself. I have recently been trying to lose weight and while I have been successful I seem to have come to a point where I really need to refocus. I started with "Made To Crave" and have slipped away from my devotionals. I would like to ask for prayers to be able to make the time to get back into my daily devotionals and spend time with God. Might I add this is a battle for me...remembering to make time for my devotions and time with God. Thank you...AMEN

One more please...I've never done this before but as I sit here in thought there is so much on my mind...prayers for my oldest daughter who is in the 7th grade this year and is just having growth/transitioning issues...and I'll leave it at that...I have two other children as well who can also use prayers and again for me to know how to help them for the glory of God! Much thanks and God Bless All...AMEN!

ps and for my husband as well...for the eyes of his heart to be opened and his body and mind be filled with the Holy Spirit so he may also want be filled with the living water and know God...(this is what I pray, I sure could use some help)...AMEN!!!!

Okay that's all....for now...lol...and I in turn will pray for all of you. AMEN!

Received: October 2, 2015


To be healed of this bipolar depression I have and to feel "normal" again. (It's been going on for 2 years now)

Received: October 2, 2015


My husband and I are Financially broke. I am grateful to still be in my home but I am not sure home much longer that will be. I have my 18 year old daughter and 1 1/2 year old granddaughter to worry about. I know god has a plan for me and that the power of prayer is a million times better than worries. I ask that you pray for peace of mine for me and my family and the tools to deal with all this no matter the outcome.

Received: September 30, 2015


I need prayers to stop "spinning" & feeling defeated.
We had someone suddenly retire at work & I've been asked to do this person's job while still doing my own. I can do my own job on "auto pilot" but
trying to learn this other person's job, after they left is causing alot of anxiety. I know feeling anxious is an attack of the enemy.
Please pray that I hear God's voice above the noise & that I learn to do this job with as much confidence as I do my own.
Thank you!

Received: September 29, 2015


Hi, I'm back again. I need prayers for my husband. He's bipolar and I'm not sure if that's what he's going through at the moment but he's being very distant and said he wanted time alone. He's been like this before but I just don't understand why this time and why now unless it truly is the bipolar. We just got back from an anniversary vacation a week ago and everything was awesome. He's been awesome up until yesterday. He's been great lately reaching out to my family and being kind and loving and all of a sudden yesterday he just started acting different. He's been so happy and very talkative with me. More than he had been in such a long while and now it's like he's taken 8 steps back. I don't understand. I'm taking hard classes right now bc I'll be graduating soon and I'm so sad it's hard to focus. I have a test tomorrow and I haven't even studied yet. It seems every time I have a test something like this happens. We've had break-throughs a in our marriage bc of prayer and he's gotten a lot better but everytime there's seems to be a period of happiness there always comes a period of heartache and feels like a set back sometimes. Please pray for us and our marriage, pray for my husband that he will follow what God puts in his heart and that my husband won't take things out on me or distance himself from me. I'm feeling very lonely.... Thank you

Received: September 28, 2015


Thank you, Lord, for what you are doing to change lives through WAY-FM. Lord I pray for Way-FM staff, volunteers and listeners that you will continue to lead people to Christ!

Received: September 26, 2015

stephanie wiggs

i am recovering herion addict.I listen to your station every day going to the methadone clinic.I'ts the only thing that helps me not have bad cravings.
but your music has brought me through some really tough times.please pray for me and my mother who I take of she is very ill.I know god has us.I'm so grateful for your station.

Received: September 26, 2015

Deidre LaForett

This is my first year doing your pledge drive. I did it like Wally said because I lost a brother to suicide and a sister to MS. I am the youngest of 6 kids and did not have my mom or dad around through all of this. If not enough my husband walked out due to a affaire. I was broken, had dought that God was with me through all of this. I pushed God away from being angry.
After listening to Way-FM the music and the people made me see God was with me all along. My faith is so much stronger and I am Blessed because of Way-FM. God Bless for all of your work and I am Way-FM :)

Received: September 25, 2015


I've been out of work since Feb. after working for this one company for 15 years. I don't know how I have survived - I have a mortgage, car payment and bills and all I can say is that its God who has helped me thru this crisis. I send my pledge in, sometimes a little late but I do.

My Prayer request is that God will provide me with a full-time job so that I can continue to pledge and be faithful.

Received: September 25, 2015

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