Meet Zach

Zach PhotoZach: Producer

Hometown: Between Cleveland and Akron in Ohio

College: Grace College (Winona Lake, IN)

Family: Wife Sarah and daughter Anna. Lost son Samuel Cole in 2013.

Pets: None (I don’t want the responsibility)

Celebrity Look-A-Likes: Charlie Brown (just the back of my head)

Paper or Plastic Quiz:

  1. 1. Pizza or Lobster? Not a fan a seafood or spending money, so I’ll have to go with pizza.
  2. Ohio: Awesome or Awesomest? Neither. Most Awesomest of All Time.
  3. Half-Full or Half-Empty? The glass is simply too big. Pour it in a smaller glass, and problem solved. But generally I’m a half-full kind of guy.
  4. Action or Comedy? I’m a sucker for cheap action flicks. I laugh so much at work I need something different to relax.
  5. Briggs & Stratton or Myers-Briggs? I mowed lawns throughout high school and college summers with Briggs & Stratton engines, but I love analyzing personalities and talking Myers-Briggs. The first real conversation I had with my wife-to-be was about her MBTI personality type.