Meet Wally

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Wally: Host of The Wally Show

I am Wally, and contrary to popular belief I did not come up with the name, The Wally Show. I am not a pastor or counselor. I am a guy who did mainstream radio shows for 13 years until God got a hold of me and brought me here.

I am not perfect, and I definitely still have some edges. I am a person, like you, who is trying to consistently live out my faith on a daily basis. Some days I succeed and some days I fail. Sometimes I ask questions to start conversations and, other times, because I honestly don’t know the answer.

I realize this show is not for everybody, but it is for someone everyday. I have seen God use the serious as well as the silly things we do to change lives and that is the goal of this show.

Hometown: West Palm Beach, Florida

College: University of Central Florida (undergraduate), Grand Canyon University (graduate)

Family: Wife, Mardi and daughter, Haille

Pets: 2 cats, Hankster Prankster my little gangster and Sasha McSashinstein (Betty Rock is rubbing off on me like a cat on a scratching post)

Celebrity Look-a-Likes: I think TobyMac, but he certainly does not. Sadly, I look most like Alton Brown from the Food Network.

Paper or Plastic Quiz:

1. Candy bar or Barbell? I couldn’t figure out why I was working out and not loosing weight. Then I realized it was because I was doing sit-ups with a mouthful of candy corn, so I stopped doing sit-ups.

2. Unicorn or Rainbow? Tough call. Rainbows give you an unlimited supply of money with the pot of gold, but unicorns are fun to ride and are a good source of protein if times get tough. I will go with unicorn because you can’t ride a rainbow.

3. Coke or Pop? I am not from the Midwest so every carbonated beverage is a coke.

4. Project Runway or Monday Night Football? Really without the Project Runway people, the NFL players would have no uniforms so I am going to go Project Runway.

5. Chess or Checkers? Sadly, I am not chess smart. My daughter beats me every time we play, but I rule at Cracker Barrel Checkers.