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The Faith & Life Blog is a place where Christians can come to find an intersection between faith and everyday life from a variety of trusted voices.


Goal: To start and continue important conversations about the circumstances our audience experiences every day.

If you can help us do that, we want you to write for us!

Write for Us!

We prefer those with previous writing/blogging experience, but new writers are more than welcome! If you’re passionate about a relevant topic, give it a shot. All we ask that you share your article on your social media platforms when it’s published at wayfm.com!

Our blog has 5 NEW categories. Be sure to read through the descriptions to get an idea where your topic would fit. Articles should be around 800-1200 words and take on a conversational tone.

Fill out the form below to submit your article or idea. We do our best to get back to everyone quickly, but there are times it may take a few weeks, so thank you for your patience!

Spiritual Growth

  • Help us  discover more about our faith by sharing real stories of overcoming and perseverance, life lessons, and realizations about who God is.


  • Impart wisdom to moms and dads in all stages of parenting. Share lessons you’ve learned about how your faith intersects with caring for kiddos and tips on how to push through and honor God with your role as a parent.


  • How to navigate marriage, dating, or even friendship in a Christ-like way can be a tricky business. Blogs exploring how to make the most of these relationships is an important and helpful conversation!


  • This section responds to national news stories and pop culture in a way that points people to Christ. It should inspire readers to engage with world around them in a Christ-like way. It should help answer the question: “How should Christians interact with the culture we live in?”


  • The entertainment section is similar to the culture section, but hones in on popular TV, movies, and websites. What did the latest film teach you about God and the world? Explore ways TV or the latest quote from a movie star can make us think and learn and, in the end, strengthen our faith.


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