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Heart Wrenching Story of Forgiveness as Man Embraces the Woman Who Took His Brother’s Life

Hard to miss the news story that has been everywhere. Ex Dallas cop, Amber Guyger, was found guilty of murdering her neighbor, Botham Jean, when she fatally shot him in his apartment. Guyger claims she walked into the wrong apartment and was confused. The most powerful moment of the trial was when Botham Jean’s brother took the stand announcing that he has forgiven Guyger and wants her to accept Christ. Grab a tissue and watch… … Continue reading

Brand New Fan Theories from the Latest Frozen 2 Trailer

Joy here and new fan theories are swirling every since the new trailer for Frozen 2 dropped. Here are theories being discussed and even a few of my own created from the new trailer including teasers about the history of Arendalle and possibly even Elsa and Anna’s parents! Theory #1: This is Elsa and Ann’s Dad as a kid. Clue- This photo of a young boy who looks so much like a young King Agnarr and… … Continue reading

5 Home Items to Turn Your Casa Into a Castle

Joy here and life is hard so you’ve got to find the things that bring you joy! After just moving into my first house, I’ve found a few things that have truly made it feel like HOME and I simply had to share them with you! Comment below and share your favorite home items .   Home Edit Organizer  It’s so tough to see everything in your kitchen cabinets and especially in your pantry. These… … Continue reading