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Carlos’ Epic “Firsts” With His Son Will Make You Cry

Your baby only gets so many “firsts” in life so I tried to set my son Dominic up with the most epic list of first during his first few days of life. For instance… The First Song he heard after coming into the world: Switchfoot “Dare You To Move”   The First Bible Verse I read to him: “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your… … Continue reading

A True Story About How Shoes Lead Right to the Gospel

Two years ago, Joy traveled to Peru with Buckner Shoes for Orphan Souls and got to put the actual shoes on these sweet children’s feet. The shoes were provided by WAY-FM supporters just like you during one of our Pledge Drives. We want to make another huge impact in Guatemala this year, so Joy is bringing back what she wrote during her trip. Joy here from Lima, Peru! We visited an orphanage today that was… … Continue reading

Meet Carlos’ New Addition to the WAY-FM Family

Baby Dominic is finally here and Carlos is a first time Dad! After being a week overdue we are so excited that he is here safely! Carlos shared that he cried three times before the baby was even born! Once when they first got into the hospital room because he realized that he was in the place where he would meet his son, the second time was when his wife’s water broke, and the third… … Continue reading

When the Struggle Seems Endless This Building 429 Song Will Help You Keep Going

With all the crazy things going on in the world, it’s easy to ask, “Where is God in all this?” Rough days, hard seasons, and tragedies are something we would never wish on ourselves, but they do remind us that this is not meant to be our home. Even when life is easy, there are moments when our soul feels like something is missing. We were not made for this world. We were created for more.… … Continue reading

The Surprisingly Simple Lesson You Could Learn From This Jar

My wife loves this “things” jar in our bathroom. But all it does is literally sit there empty, all the while desperately yearning to be filled with something, anything! Or maybe I give it those emotions since I don’t understand why it just sits there empty. “It’s a part of the decor” she says as she walks on by. So I smile, pretend to understand and begin brushing my teeth. But today this little empty… … Continue reading

The 7 Things Women Hate About Living With Men

A few weeks back I wrote an article called “The 7 Things Men Hate About Living With Women” and lets just say, the floodgates were opened and the ladies have chimed in with the things they can’t stand about living with men. While most women said things like, “We couldn’t live our lives without our men, they help make life a little easier” or “Thank God for my Husband who handles all the dirty work… … Continue reading

See Joy’s Eggcelent Payback for Miscalculating the Big Game

Every year Joy predicts the outcome of the big football game by smashing an egg on her head. Every year Joy has been correct until now! This year she chose a Panthers egg and it was hard boiled, meaning that the Panthers would win. Unfortunately, her mistake means that she must get a raw egg smashed on her head as punishment. However, Carlos decided to be gracious and give her a chance to get out… … Continue reading

Joy’s EGGcelent Big Game Prediction

Last year, against her will, Joy was victorious at predicting the results of the big football game by smashing an egg on her head. We thought she should try it again! Half of the eggs presented to her are raw and half of them are hard boiled. If the egg she chooses is raw then that team will lose. The best part is that if her prediction is correct then Carlos gets an raw egg on his… … Continue reading