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Mandisa is the Most Honest She’s Ever Been in Her New Lyric Video

Mandisa has been quiet for the past few years. She’s breaking the silence and sharing questions she’s been wrestling with in her personal life. What happens when I pray for something so hard, but I end up heartbroken? When I struggle with the same mistakes over and over again, how do I get past the shame that comes with that?  How God is answering those questions? Mandisa’s new song, “Unfinished,” says it all. Mandisa gets really… … Continue reading

You’ll Love How Jordan Feliz Teamed Up with This Unexpected Artist!

Jordan Feliz teamed up with Matty Mullins (lead singer of heavy metal band, Memphis Mayfire!) Together, they created this upbeat music video with some amazing vocals. It’s called “Unstoppable.”   Matty Mullins is continuing his involvement with Memphis Mayfire, but has also been focusing on his own Christian Contemporary projects. He talks about what it’s like to be part of two different worlds, plus how he’s using heavy rock music to reach one of the most… … Continue reading

This Britt Nicole Video Shows You How to Change Things for the Better

You’ve probably noticed by now, our world needs a whole lot of change. Britt Nicole is on a mission to be that change – and inspire others to join her. Her new music video to the song “Be the Change” shows you where it starts. And don’t you know it starts today? And baby, no, it’s not too late It begins with you and I Together we can be the change – Britt Nicole, “Be the… … Continue reading

5 Songs That Will Give You Reason to Praise on Easter!

Easter means celebrating the day that Christ squashed sin, death, and despair and permanently replaced it with redemption, grace, and hope. It’s the reason we sing. Take a moment to let this incredible victory sink in and praise God for it! Here are 5 songs that will help fill you with joy, gratitude, and a beautiful reminder of God’s grace on this amazing day. Death Was Arrested – North Point InsideOut Jesus’ death marked the… … Continue reading

This Chris Tomlin Song Will Remind You What Good Friday is All About

“Where your love ran red and our sin washed white” “You know, you feel like you’ve sung every way to sing about the cross that you can, then a line like that comes along and you just see it all brand new again.” That’s Chris Tomlin talking about the song, “At the Cross (Love Ran Red.) While writing it, and now while singing it, the reason we celebrate Good Friday and Easter weekend became more… … Continue reading

NEEDTOBREATHE and Andra Day Collaborate in an Awesome New Music Video!

NEEDTOBREATHE says this is the most fun they’ve ever had making a music video. They collaborated with their hometown, Charleston, NC, a local marching band, and vocal powerhouse, Andra Day to create a stunning and inspiring new music video to the song “HARD LOVE.”   In addition to the video, the band has started a new video series called “Hard love is ______,” asking people to fill in the blank with stories from their own… … Continue reading

Jay from Big Daddy Weave is on the Road to Recovery!

It can be hard to know how to pray in tough situations, but so many rallied behind Jay from Big Daddy Weave when he faced emergency foot amputation due to an infection. And God is showing up!The family recently posted this video of Jay saying, “On May 31, 2016, Jay left our house on a stretcher headed to the hospital. Today, March 6, 2017, Jay walked into our house! Thank you for your continued prayers… … Continue reading

Colton Dixon’s New Music Video is All About What Matters

Colton Dixon breaks down what’s most important in his life. If you love Jesus, too, this will hit home! The song is called “All That Matters.” When telling Billboard about the inspiration behind it, Colton said, “Our identity isn’t in our past or our careers. It’s not in our successes or failures… Our identity lies in something much bigger than ourselves, and that’s what really counts.” He also says this music video is different than… … Continue reading

This Cover by Mark Hall and His Daughter is Beautiful!

Casting Crowns is known for amazing worship music, but did you know their kids are just as talented? Lead singer, Mark Hall, posted a cover of “I Am Not Alone” led by his daughter Reagan and accompanied by some of the Casting Crowns band. They’ve started their own series of worship covers called “Stairwell Sessions.” Mark says, “Reagan is one of our worship leaders in our student ministry at church, and her voice is as… … Continue reading