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Photo Op: The Whole Poop, and Nothing but the Poop

Photo Op is where Wally makes us send him the last photo we took on our phones and tell him the story behind it. Which photo do you like the best? Betty and I were in Africa with Compassion International, and we met this amazing kid named Amos.  One of his chores is to clean out the goat pen.  Naturally, I offered to help.  What you can’t see is Betty running for her life as… … Continue reading

Selling Slum-Set

The reality TV show Selling Sunset pretty much embodies the worst of what living a life of privilege and excess looks like.  Recently, I walked through the streets of the Mathare slum in Kenya.  This place could not be a starker contrast to the life of the rich and famous. How would you advertise a house in the Mathare slum if it was being listed on Selling Slum-Set.  Would you call the 100 sq ft.,… … Continue reading

Meeting Famous Amos

It has been a few years since I have traveled with Compassion International to see the work they do. I have to tell you it is such a great reset for me personally. It is a reminder that maybe the things I get super worked up about really aren’t that big of a deal after all. Life for the Masi in Kenya is hard. They have been in a drought for 2 straight years but,… … Continue reading

The Real, Real Housewives of Kenya

The Real Housewives TV show is filled with so much unnecessary, frivolous drama. So it was refreshing to meet The Real, Real Housewives of Kenya, whose joy amidst hardship is inspiring! Many of these women are single moms doing their best to raise their kids in a place where the odds are stacked against them. Fortunately, thanks to Compassion International, they do not have to go it alone. The best part of any Compassion trip… … Continue reading

Kennedy’s Dream Job!

Kennedy’s Dream Job! When Kennedy was a kid, he had no idea what his life would look like. Kennedy grew up in Kenya in extreme poverty. It’s the kind of poverty most of us have only seen on TV and think, “Wow! That’s horrible. Someone should do something about that.” But Kennedy’s life changed forever when he was sponsored as a child through Compassion International. Roxanne was his sponsor and she probably doesn’t even know… … Continue reading

Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto

Artificial intelligence is exploding.  There is a site called Chat GPT that allows you to type in a prompt and the computer will automatically, through A.I., answer your prompt. For example, we asked the chat bot to write a love poem from a guy with a tiny bladder.  That tiny bladder boy is Gavin, and here is what the artificially intelligent bot came up with for him. I was also curious to see what the… … Continue reading

The Secret Sauce Of The Jesus Revolution Movie

When art meets agenda in Christian movies, there is usually a clear loser and, unfortunately, it is almost always the art. Christian movies have to share the gospel  but that moment usually feels heavy handed or forced.  The genius of the movie, Jesus Revolution from the Erwin Brothers, is that the agenda IS the art since it is a historical movie about faith from the late 60’s and 70’s. The gospel doesn’t stick out like… … Continue reading

Wally Show Wing Off

Chicken wings are a staple at just about every Super Bowl party. I thought it would be fun for Betty, Gavin, and me to each come up with a signature wing sauce that reflects who we are as people. Some of the ingredients used were pickle juice, refried beans, and green apple cotton candy. Pastor Chad, a self described wing connoisseur, was our judge.  You can watch to see whose wing was a winner and… … Continue reading

Preaching, Praying and Performing with Tauren Wells

My respect for Tauren goes way beyond his musical ability.  We sat down and talked about preaching, praying, and performing but, I really loved his take on restoration when it comes to people inside the faith that make mistakes like comedian, John Crist. I loved his quote about restoration! “We shouldn’t be so quick to hit the cancel button on people because the only cancelling Jesus did was of our sins.” – Tauren Wells  … … Continue reading

A New Year’s Resolution Anthem

Every year people make New Year’s resolutions and sadly, a lot of them are broken before we even make it to February.  So, to help inspire you to keep your resolution, Wally did a song called “Resolutionary” based on the Josh Wilson song Revolutionary. Enjoy the Motivation! #MattFoley     … Continue reading