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How Bekah Hears The Show Vol. 1

Bekah has to edit lots of audio on the show, and certain things Wally says stick out so much to her that she has to save it for her special collection. Should Bekah keep making these, or leave Wally alone? Let us know in the comments!   … Continue reading

Two versions of Frozen’s “Let It Go” you shouldn’t miss

The Frozen phenomena continues. This is a great cover by Anthem Lights and it includes a little surprise in the middle if you’re an 80’s music fan. We’ve all heard of global warming, but I think global freezing is happening. Yes that is a horrible attempt at humor, but this is a cool video of people singing Let It Go in different languages.   … Continue reading

Small Group Personality Type Quiz

Whether it’s a small group at work or a small group at church, we usually play one of ten common roles. Take this 10 question quiz to find out the role you play in a group. So what type are you? Leave us a comment!   Cragan and Wright have determined that there are 10 roles that group members frequently play. THE TASK LEADER is the person who recognizes the task that needs to be accomplished… … Continue reading

Steve Fee: Fallen and Forgiven

As his song “Everything Falls” was at the top of the charts, Steve Fee’s life came crashing down when he confessed he was having an affair. Hear the amazing lessons his journey taught him about God’s grace. … Continue reading