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Steve Fee: Fallen and Forgiven

As his song “Everything Falls” was at the top of the charts, Steve Fee’s life came crashing down when he confessed he was having an affair. Hear the amazing lessons his journey taught him about God’s grace. … Continue reading

Betty Rocks New Devotional

Finding a good devotional is important when trying to go deeper in your faith.  You want a devotion that connects with you and connects you with God.  We have found the puuuurfect devotional for Betty Rock. … Continue reading

Brand the Band Winner

Congratulations to our Brand the Band winner, Jason Jardine for his band name, Relish the Rainbow.  If you didn’t win you can still save $50 off your registration for Camp Electric by using the promo code Wally at     … Continue reading

Who is the Wally Show Hottie

Katie Rose came across this website that rate your attractiveness by looking at the symmetry of your face.  Here is how we did. I will start with the person rated most beautiful by this independent website.   … Continue reading

E-MESS: I lost my daughter

I’m sorry to bother you with this selfish question. My only child, 27 years old, died 9/9/13 due to medical malpractice. In FL the only ones that can sue for malpractice are spouses and dependent children. My daughter had neither so the doctor got away with it. My daughter was handicapped since birth and my best friend. I’m trying my best to keep functioning, but it’s not working. I miss a lot of work days,… … Continue reading

Betty’s Cat Video of the Week

Every week Betty Rock sends me her favorite cat videos. Usually it is kittens sleeping or watching fish in a fish bowl, but this was is amazing. It really starts at :23 in. Oh by the way if you are squeamish there are stitches at the end. That should tell you how good it is. … Continue reading