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Guatemala El Nino

It never fails that on each of these trips you meet a kid that you will never forget.  For me that was Angel.  They call him the fighter.  He is a semi-street kid who is bounced from house to house and has had to fight for his very existence.  He is having to learn that at the Kairos school he doesn’t have to fight, all he has to do is ask and his needs will… … Continue reading

Getting Our Guatemala On.

We are near Antigua in Guatemala with Mission Discovery and the winner of our “ The Word with Friends” contest, Hunter.  Hunter is a cool 19 year old kid from Colorado Springs who said this experience has forever changed him. (Hunter is the tall one by the way) There is something about seeing and serving the people Jesus called the least of these that will do that for you. One of the reasons we did… … Continue reading

The story behind “Losing” by Tenth Avenue North

Have you heard Tenth Avenue North's new song, "Losing"? Singer Mike Donehey wrote "Losing" based on a letter submitted in a contest we did a couple of years ago. It came from a very personal experience that taught him about forgiveness. The story makes the song even more powerful. Check it out.   … Continue reading

Blog Report: June 20, 2012

Blog Report: June 20, 2012   Francesca Battistelli can’t eat enough pickles. She’s due on Saturday with her second child, a fact that’s confirmed by her recent posts on Twitter: “Somebody bring me some pickles!! Or some really amazing coffee. Or pastrami. Or a donut. Or actually really just pickles.” Glee club pays off for Mat Kearney fans Mat Kearney shared a music video of a group that covered his song, “Ships In The Night”… … Continue reading

Christian TMZ: The News Boys

Christian TMZ is committed to getting you all the dirt on your favorite Christian artists.  We caught up with Tait and Duncan from the Newsboys on the Music Boat and got to the bottom of a scandalous rumor.   … Continue reading

E-MESS: Insensitive joke

Wally, I am a faithful supporter and listener. With that being said, I was truly startled as I turned into my work parking lot this morning as you and your co-host made jokes in regards to Rodney King’s death….specifically, the comment that it’s ironic how his family called the cops for help and how sticks (batons) were not involved this time. Maybe it’s just me, but I was a bit alarmed and thought it was… … Continue reading

E-MESS: Cheesy Christian Radio

Hey Wally, As a guy who has been all over the radio industry, I was wondering, in your professional opinion, why most of Christian and/or Family Radio is so cheesy? You guys really do have a unique show and station as it is the least cheesy Christian station I have ever heard. You have an almost cheese free show which is amazing. I know that fact turns a few people off but that may be… … Continue reading

Blog Report: June 13, 2012

Blog Report: June 13, 2012   Boy hyperventilates meeting Jamie Grace Alex is a huge fan of Jamie Grace and had the opportunity to meet her. He almost missed the chance as he could barely breathe from his excitement. Watching the video reminds me of the first time Wally met tobyMac.     Mike Donehey from Tenth Avenue North affects the outcome of the NBA Finals. Mike Donehey attended last night’s opening game in the… … Continue reading

Video Re-View: Britt Nicole Rap Battle Part 2

Over the last 5 years we've posted 450 videos. A couple of them are good and deserve to be seen again so we're kicking off our weekly Video Re-View.   Check out our most-viewed video ever, when Britt Nicole came back for a Rap Battle re-match. Who do you think really won?   … Continue reading