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Matthew West makes beauty from Wally’s pain

To work through some of my issues from my childhood, I have started giving bands pages from my sixth grade journal in the hopes that their music can make beauty from my pain.  This is about a time when I was trying to do pull ups in gym class.   Check out more journal songs here.   … Continue reading

Momentum 2011

Thanks for checking out Total Axxess with Wally! Total Axxess is a daily radio show heard on over 100 stations across the U.S. We offer syndication through FTP download or live satellite delivery. Contact Faron Dice (719-238-4932) with WAY Media Network Services for more information. {rsform 11}   Before becoming the host of Total Axxess, Wally worked at various rock stations, Radio Disney and one of the biggest alternative rock stations in the country, 99X, in Atlanta. Says… … Continue reading

Hurricane Irene from Space

Here is a cool video from space that shows just how large hurricane Irene is. I just love that we think astronauts are sequestered in the dark, desolate, reaches of outer space, yet they can still post stuff on youtube. (There is no need to watch all three minutes it is pretty much the same past the first thirty seconds).   … Continue reading