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E-MESS: Complaining

Wally, A few weeks ago, your show started off with a five minute complaint about the horrible service you were given by an India-based retail company. Afterward, you told your listeners to call in and tell you about instances where they have been ripped off by companies. God says through the Bible we need to do everything without complaining or arguing. I admit I did not listen to the rest of your show, so I… … Continue reading

E-MESS: The President

Hello Wally, Last night I was on my way to church with my husband and three children and you made a comment about how when America is allowed to vote we make the wrong decision. You mentioned American Idol, and America’s got talent…then for the number one bad vote you said it was this…and you played an excerpt of President Obama speaking. When he was done speaking you quickly announced that “you where just joking,… … Continue reading

E-MESS: Boycotting

Dear Wally, You’ve missed the point about boycotting Home Depot. Information from the Kansas Family Policy Council shows photos of parades in which children are encouraged to support gay and lesbians. Some of the demonstrations included topless women parading in front of children. Employees are not allowed to wear religious buttons or bring Bibles to work, but any form of homosexuality is applauded. This is not merely tolerance of those choosing an alternative lifestyle. Some… … Continue reading