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Preaching, Praying and Performing with Tauren Wells

My respect for Tauren goes way beyond his musical ability.  We sat down and talked about preaching, praying, and performing but, I really loved his take on restoration when it comes to people inside the faith that make mistakes like comedian, John Crist. I loved his quote about restoration! “We shouldn’t be so quick to hit the cancel button on people because the only cancelling Jesus did was of our sins.” – Tauren Wells  … … Continue reading

Monday School: Endgame

Monday School is Wally’s chance to say what he learned at church, and prove that he went. Today’s lesson: We are in the midst of spiritual warfare and Jesus is the greatest weapon and tool we have in our fight. … Continue reading

There’s No Shame in Getting Help

Hi, I’m Bekah. I love Jesus. I struggle with anxiety and depression. I take meds. And I go to therapy.  I get being therapy hesitant. I was so nervous to go and wasn’t sure where to start. I also assumed that therapy would just be someone scolding me and telling me to get my life together. 😂 Now that I’ve been going for several years, I realize what a GIFT it is.  I’ve had seasons… … Continue reading

A New Year’s Resolution Anthem

Every year people make New Year’s resolutions and sadly, a lot of them are broken before we even make it to February.  So, to help inspire you to keep your resolution, Wally did a song called “Resolutionary” based on the Josh Wilson song Revolutionary. Enjoy the Motivation! #MattFoley     … Continue reading

10 Things I’ve Learned in 10 Years of Marriage

Last week, my husband Joey and I got to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. While I will never, ever claim to be anything close to a marriage expert, here are 10 things I’ve learned in the past 10 years: 1. Marriage doesn’t have to be hard I know. Cue the eye rolls. What does this “only-married-10-years” kid know about marriage?” Listen. My husband and I have been through it. Life has thrown everything and the… … Continue reading

3 Habits for Spiritual Health in the New Year

by Pastor Chad Maybe you’re like me and the end of the year makes you feel like time is just flying by and you have little to show for it. What happened to our 2022 resolutions!? What I have come to realize is that resolutions and goals focus on perfection, but habits focus on new rhythms that give you permission to fail and start again! As the New Year approaches, I wanted to loosen the… … Continue reading

3 Ways to Handle Grief During the Holidays with Anne Wilson

You may know artist Anne Wilson from her incredible song “My Jesus.” What you may not know is that she lost her brother Jacob in a tragic car accident in 2017. It forever changed her family and her future. She sang in public for the first time at his funeral and God called her to use her voice for Him. In this week’s episode of the “Holy Mess Podcast” Anne shared that Christmas is one… … Continue reading