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Bullets + Backpacks = Broken

It’s an all too familiar site. Terrified looks on the faces of kids as they try to process what they have just seen. SWAT members trying to bring order to chaos. Worried parents crying as they are reunited with, or learn the fate of their child. It is yet another senseless school shooting. When you hear what happened at Robb Elementary school in TX or see the videos, you cannot help but feel something.You might… … Continue reading

5 Tips to Make Roadtripping with Kids Fun this Summer

We just didn’t know! That is what my husband and I said when we made a huge mistake on a road trip and stopped at a hotel around midnight with my toddler. We expected him to stay asleep and transfer seamlessly into the hotel room. As many parents have now told us, this was delusional! Kids gets so excited when they arrive in a new place. The second he opened his eyes he was totally… … Continue reading

Get Your Free WayFM Bingo Game!

Graduations can be long and boring, so add some fun to the whole family with our bingo sheets! See who can get 5 in a row first and win. Download your own copy at the bottom of this page and print it out before your graduation event.   Download your graduation bingo game … Continue reading

Learning to Take a Breath with Kirsten Watson

As a mom to 7 and a wife to a professional NFL player, Kirsten Watson has had her share of stressful moments. In her new book, “Sis, Take a Breath” she shares encouragement for the woman who is trying to live and love well, but secretly just wants to take a nap. Kirsten feels like the big sister we all need. She shares how to find time for your relationship with God, learning to say… … Continue reading

3 Ways to Deal with Burnout

Usually, vacation days are planned far in advance. But last week, I had to take an emergency day off. I’m not sure if it was a busier work season, the fact that we have foster puppies right now, or it was in the air, but I felt like I was going to crash and burn if I didn’t take a moment to rest. If you’re feeling self-doubt, experiencing detachment or resentment toward what you’re doing,… … Continue reading

Katy Nicole on Her Breakout Song “In Jesus Name”

Katy Nicole sat down at a piano in her home and recorded herself singing a new song she wrote. She posted it on Tik Tok and came back a few hours later to over 1 million views. Her song is now a radio hit and has touched so many people! Katy shares about her own battle with chronic pain and scoliosis and why healing is such a powerful part of her story. … Continue reading

Monday School: Follow the Leader

Monday School is Wally’s chance to share what he learned at church, and, prove that he went. This week’s discussion: Jesus called his disciples and they followed him immediately. What is our response when he calls us? … Continue reading

If Mother’s Day is Hard

Mother’s Day can be a surprisingly difficult holiday. While most of the world gushes about the day with flowers and cards, others are hiding the pain of infertility, mourning a loss, or wrestling through a strained relationship. For me, it’s a reminder that I’m not exactly where I’d like to be in life right now. While I was never in a rush to have kids, the plan was to start the conversation as we approached… … Continue reading