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Life’s “Up’s and Down’s” with Annie F. Downs

Ever wonder what the “F” in Annie F. Downs stands for?  Well, so did I.  Turns out Annie is a bit of an online enigma when it comes to her personal life and I had to find out why.  So this is Annie F. Downs, unfiltered.  OK, that sounds way more salacious than it really is, but she is super interesting, open and I think we might have become best friends!   We also talked… … Continue reading

I Challenge Gavin: Mayo Coffee

I Challenge Gavin is where young Gavin sets his fears (and sometimes dignity) aside, and bravely accepts the task people challenge him to do. Today’s challenge comes from me after I saw Hellmann’s post about putting mayonnaise in your coffee. Gavin drinks coffee and he loves mayonnaise so, what could go wrong?     … Continue reading

Monday School: Stressed Out

Monday School is Wally’s chance to share what he learned at church and to prove he went.  This week’s discussion: Wally talks about the things that we take in that stress us out being what keeps us from strengthening our faith. … Continue reading