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3 Ways to Deal with Burnout

Usually, vacation days are planned far in advance. But last week, I had to take an emergency day off. I’m not sure if it was a busier work season, the fact that we have foster puppies right now, or it was in the air, but I felt like I was going to crash and burn if I didn’t take a moment to rest. If you’re feeling self-doubt, experiencing detachment or resentment toward what you’re doing,… … Continue reading

If Mother’s Day is Hard

Mother’s Day can be a surprisingly difficult holiday. While most of the world gushes about the day with flowers and cards, others are hiding the pain of infertility, mourning a loss, or wrestling through a strained relationship. For me, it’s a reminder that I’m not exactly where I’d like to be in life right now. While I was never in a rush to have kids, the plan was to start the conversation as we approached… … Continue reading

The Never-Ending Body Image Struggle

There are times in life where you realize that you’ve been a hypocrite. I’ve written blogs before about struggling with insecurities when it comes to my body.  I’ve published podcasts featuring experts that preach body positivity.  But still, I struggle. Recently, I had to face the always-daunting task of shopping for jeans. I knew I needed to go up a size and had finally come to terms with it when a saleswoman sent me into… … Continue reading

Getting Out of the Darkness of Depression with Mandisa

If you’re struggling today, you’re not in this alone. Depression and anxiety hit so many people, regardless of your faith, and it can be hard to know what to do when it comes. Mandisa is no stranger to that concept and has been so open and honest in sharing her story of how God helped pull her out of a season of deep depression. She joined the Holy Mess Podcast to talk all things mental… … Continue reading

If Our Emails Were Honest

Aaaaah, vacation. That magical time when you get to unplug and enjoy your family and some well-deserved time off. Except….if you’re like me, maybe you’re not the best at actually taking time off. I have a vacation coming up, and if I were honest in my “out-of-office” reply, this is how it would sound: View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Bekah Eaker (@bekaheaker) Hey, I am not thankful for your email, but… … Continue reading

Hope from a Pastor in Ukraine

Even though his city is in the middle of a war zone, Pastor Sergey Nakul stayed to minister to the people of Kyiv, Ukraine. Here is just one of the messages of hope he’s provided: For ways to pray for the conflict in Ukraine or to donate to Ukrainians through our partnership with Convoy of Hope, click here.  … Continue reading

7 Songs To Tell God How You Really Feel

Why is it that we can rant to our friends about how hard life has been, but when we go to pray, we have nothing to say? It can be uncomfortable at first–telling God that you’re disappointed, or maybe, even mad at Him. If you’re in that place, here are 7 songs that have helped me have some honest talks with God: 1. TobyMac – “Promised Land” And I can’t ever seem to get ahead… … Continue reading

What On Earth is Wrong with Bekah’s Husband?

I’ve shared before in passing about my husband Joey’s chronic illness and how it’s grown my faith, or at times, even made me doubt. And every time I share, I get the same question: “What’s wrong with him?” I completely get the question, but the answer is a little complicated! His issues started with one tiny gallstone in 2016, and ever since then, we’ve been dealing with the fall-out. The most recent chapter of his… … Continue reading