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Hope from a Pastor in Ukraine

Even though his city is in the middle of a war zone, Pastor Sergey Nakul stayed to minister to the people of Kyiv, Ukraine. Here is just one of the messages of hope he’s provided: For ways to pray for the conflict in Ukraine or to donate to Ukrainians through our partnership with Convoy of Hope, click here.  … Continue reading

7 Songs To Tell God How You Really Feel

Why is it that we can rant to our friends about how hard life has been, but when we go to pray, we have nothing to say? It can be uncomfortable at first–telling God that you’re disappointed, or maybe, even mad at Him. If you’re in that place, here are 7 songs that have helped me have some honest talks with God: 1. TobyMac – “Promised Land” And I can’t ever seem to get ahead… … Continue reading

What On Earth is Wrong with Bekah’s Husband?

I’ve shared before in passing about my husband Joey’s chronic illness and how it’s grown my faith, or at times, even made me doubt. And every time I share, I get the same question: “What’s wrong with him?” I completely get the question, but the answer is a little complicated! His issues started with one tiny gallstone in 2016, and ever since then, we’ve been dealing with the fall-out. The most recent chapter of his… … Continue reading

How to Be a Failure

If I were to ask you what you were most afraid of, maybe you’d tell me something from a common list of phobias: snakes, spiders, tight spaces, heights, flying….all valid fears that affect millions. If you were to ask me the same question? My answer would be failure. I am so risk-averse it’s not even funny. I’ve driven my husband to near insanity with how long it takes me to make a decision because I… … Continue reading

Taking the Next Step, Even When It’s Terrifying

This is a really scary week for me. Tomorrow, my husband and I leave for Cleveland Clinic to find out if he’s a candidate for a multi-organ transplant. He’s battled an intense chronic disease for years, and this visit will determine what the next chapter of that fight looks like. As we get ready to leave, one of the things on my to-do list was to clean up my desk a bit. On my desk… … Continue reading

3 Ways to Make Prayer a Habit

This is not going to make me look like a good person, but for the longest time, I was unsure of the verse in 1 Thessalonians that says, “Never stop praying.” Other versions translate it as “Pray without ceasing” or “Pray continually.” But regardless of the translation, all I could think was, “That sounds….like a lot of work.” Maybe it goes back to when I was a kid and took it way too literally. When… … Continue reading

When You’re Facing a Tough Decision

I am the most indecisive person I know….at least, I think I am. Maybe I’m not. On top of that, I am a chronic people pleaser. Add those things together, and you can imagine the anxiety I accidentally carry around most days when it comes to making decisions.  This was obvious again recently when we had an illness outbreak in our office. My husband has a chronic illness and is immunocompromised, so we’ve had to… … Continue reading

Why is Self-Care So Difficult?

How are you taking care of you right now?  It’s a question that’s always asked with good intentions. If you have children, or have a lot going on at work, or are taking care of a sick loved one like I am, you may have gotten the question at some point. Others can see you’re stressed and want to make sure you’re finding time to do something just for you. They may go as far as… … Continue reading

Facing Uncertainty in the New Year

3….2….1….HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! There’s something about the new year that feels optimistic. Anything is possible. Everything is reset. It’s a fresh start. There’s also something incredibly stressful about it. You may be face-to-face with deadlines that you still aren’t ready to think about. Bills increase. Insurance rolls over. Life continues to move forward at a speed that feels unsustainable. That’s where I’m finding myself in 2022. My husband Joey has had a chronic illness for… … Continue reading

The Top 21 Songs of 2021

What a year! There were so many great moments covered in our top blogs and videos. And all year, our Music Team voted on their favorite songs. Here are the top 21 for 2021: 21. Zach Williams – Less Like me 20. CAIN – Yes He Can CAIN’s “Yes He Can” was one of the songs we used to get through the storms of this year 19. MercyMe – Say I Won’t We’re obsessed with… … Continue reading